Excerpts of the articles are presented below. Please click on the title to read the full article.
41.  SSE Journal

Sairam, With Bhagwan’s Blessings, Region 3 SSE E-Journal Started on 2017. The journal would be created, edited, compiled, and published entirely by the children from Group 3 and 4 in our regionPlease click on the following link for the Past News letters November 2020- 95th Birthday Edition (current) April 2019 Edition May 2018 Edition October 2017 Edition Next NewsLetter Submission Due date Nov 8,2020 As … Continue reading SSE Journal »

42.  SSE National Enrichment Program Presentations

Sairam Teachers and Coordinators. The presentations used at the enrichment workshop for the four main tracks are available here. Please have your teachers and parents review them as well. They contain direct quotes from Bhagawan’s and provide a good insight on the objectives of the program.  

43.  Parenting Workshop – October 2016

A parenting workshop by sister Kalika Grana is being hosted by the devotees of Greenville Sai Group during 29th & 30th, October, 2016. You may recall that her workshop during our regional retreat this year was a greatly appreciated and was much in demand. Please share the given link and encourage YAs and parents to avail this opportunity:

44.  Region 3 SSE Coordinators’ Enrichment Workshop

An Enrichment Workshop for Region 3 SSE Coordinators has been scheduled during February 6th and 7th, 2016 in Atlanta, GA Objective The aim behind the workshop is to enable all coordinators in our region to better understand the framework and collaborate amongst ourselves on how best to implement it to benefit the children in our region. Who Should Attend? All SSE coordinators in our region … Continue reading Region 3 SSE Coordinators’ Enrichment Workshop »

45.  90th Birthday – Joint Celebrations by South Florida Centers

The South Florida Sai Centers are pleased to submit this combined report of the activities taken up by the SSE children during the months of October and November of 2015. There were three major events that all the five Sai Centers of South Florida (Miami Beach, South Miami, Central Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach) celebrated together the Avatar Declaration Day, Akhanda Bhajans and … Continue reading 90th Birthday – Joint Celebrations by South Florida Centers »

46.  90th Birthday Celebrations, Greensboro, NC

OM SRI SAIRAM! A Short Report on Greensboro SSE Activities During Oct/Nov 2015 AVATAR DECLARATION DAY- Oct 17, 2015, Greensboro, NC Sri Sathya Sai Center of Greensboro, NC has a small SSE group of a total of five children, two in Group II and three in Group I.   The Avatar Declaration day was held in Greensboro on Oct 17th.   Charlotte, Raleigh, Anderson, and Greenville centers … Continue reading 90th Birthday Celebrations, Greensboro, NC »

47.  Active Games – Crowns We Wear

THE CROWNS WE WEAR Everyone sits in a circle. Each one has a paper crown on the head with directions for others to follow. No one is allowed to see their own crown. The crown directions could be like: ALWAYS LISTEN TO ME SAY YES TO EVERYTHING I SAY SAY NO TO ALL MY SUGGESTIONS DON’T LOOK AT ME JUST KEEP SMILING AT ME WHEN … Continue reading Active Games – Crowns We Wear »

48.  Active Games – Effective Communication

GUIDES: (Any age group) Game: Divide the children in two groups. Make the groups sit in straight lines facing each other. Draw a medium sized circle between the two groups. You will be placing a small piece of paper in this circle only when the game begins. Eg.            Group XX                                      Group AA               XX                                                   AA               XX                                                   AA               XX                            O                     AA               XX                                                   … Continue reading Active Games – Effective Communication »

49.  Active Game – Aim For Values

Aim For Values  Game: Make nine pins from cardboard and write (love, hate, sharing, caring, meanness, jealousy) or draw and illustrate good or bad habits on them for younger children (E.g.: spitting on roads or littering, cleaning litter, helping, hitting) Each child gets a turn to hit the 9 pins arranged in a particular bowling order with a soft ball. They have to aim for … Continue reading Active Game – Aim For Values »

50.  Active Games – Run For Values

Run for Values Game: Divide the class in pairs. One child from every pair will form the inner circle. The others form the outer circle. Inner circle children will sit and outer circle children will stand behind their partner, ready to run around the sitting inner circle. Teacher has to random keep circulating slips of paper to the inner circle children. Each paper will have … Continue reading Active Games – Run For Values »

51.  Active Games – Magical Chant

MAGICAL CHANT Game: It is similar to a tag game. All the children can run. Two from the class are selected; one to tag others called “BAD DEEDS” and the other to free the ones tagged called “GOOD DEEDS.” Bad Deeds will hold a small black flag and Good Deeds will hold a golden flag. Everyone runs and Bad Deed tries to tag them. When … Continue reading Active Games – Magical Chant »

52.  Active Games – PUT-APART-I

PUT-APART-I (That’s how Swami explained Puttaparthi) Game: Give an age appropriate topic to each child and let them speak on it for 2 minutes. The RULE is they cannot use the pronoun, “I”. If they do they have to stop and sit down. The other children who are listening have to be alert to point out if the pronoun “I” is used. Topic egs: (Try … Continue reading Active Games – PUT-APART-I »

53.  Active Games – Alien Communication

ALIEN COMMUNICATION Game: Select some children to act as aliens. They are now on Planet Earth and they need some essentials but do not know the language.  Give each of the aliens a paper with one picture like car, sandwich, mosquito repellent, house, pizza…. drawn on it.  Each alien has to act out the word depicted on his paper during his turn and the others … Continue reading Active Games – Alien Communication »

54.  Active Games – Cross The River of Life

CROSS THE RIVER OF LIFE   Game:  Draw a line dividing the room into two. One side of the line is the river and the other side is the land.  One person becomes the coast guard and stands near the line in the river. All the kids, except the coast guard, will start by being in the river of life and have a paper pinned … Continue reading Active Games – Cross The River of Life »

57.  SSE Teacher’s Resources

1. Lesson Plans: We are in the process of collecting the lesson plans being used for our SSE classes. You can look at the plans available on this portal or on the national repository. You could even contribute to the collection by uploading any lesson plans you might have. Please look at the table with links in section 3. 2. SSE Teacher Training: Members and … Continue reading SSE Teacher’s Resources »

58.  SSE Regional Theme for 2015 – 2016

At the end of the previous year’s SSE program, all centers and groups were asked for feedback on the various values that would be most relevant to them for the 2015 – 16 SSE year. Based on the response, a common theme has been identified to be followed by all centers and groups in Region 3 this year. The theme is “Loving Swami” and the practical application it … Continue reading SSE Regional Theme for 2015 – 2016 »

60.  Picture Puzzle – Naveen’s Decorating His Camp Tent

Naveen is going to his first nature park camp in the fall as part of the SSE picnic in the Sai Center. His parents brought him a nice camp tent as his birthday gift when he turned 10 in the summer. He chanted the Gayathri mantra and began to decorate his tent with lyrics of Bhajans that he learned in his SSE class. Will you … Continue reading Picture Puzzle – Naveen’s Decorating His Camp Tent »