90th Birthday Celebrations, Greensboro, NC


A Short Report on Greensboro SSE Activities During Oct/Nov 2015

AVATAR DECLARATION DAY- Oct 17, 2015, Greensboro, NC

Sri Sathya Sai Center of Greensboro, NC has a small SSE group of a total of five children, two in Group II and three in Group I.   The Avatar Declaration day was held in Greensboro on Oct 17th.   Charlotte, Raleigh, Anderson, and Greenville centers participated in the program.  A unison bhajan rendition comprising of English, Spanish, and Sanskrit languages was offered by SSE children of all the centers in attendance. Greensboro SSE had a poster session displaying 25 acts of kindness to remark 25 years of SAI’s infinite grace through GSO SAI center’s existence (pictures attached). Children of Greensboro SSE also performed a skit, ‘NEVER AWAY FROM THE AVATAR EYE’S’ (skit script and pictures attached).

SWAMI’s BIRTHDAY- Nov 22, 2015, Raleigh, NC

Greensboro Center participated in the joint celebration of Swami’s 90th birthday at Raleigh SAI Center.  Group I and II SSE children who were able to make it on that day took part in a play, ‘Kaliyuga Avatara” along with YA’s and adults (picture attached).   On Friday, November 27th, SSE children had an opportunity to take part in Narayana Seva along with adults, where 90+ were served with Thanksgiving meal offered by the center (picture attached).