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1.  Active Game – Aim For Values

Aim For Values  Game: Make nine pins from cardboard and write (love, hate, sharing, caring, meanness, jealousy) or draw and illustrate good or bad habits on them for younger children (E.g.: spitting on roads or littering, cleaning litter, helping, hitting) Each child gets a turn to hit the 9 pins arranged in a particular bowling order with a soft ball. They have to aim for … Continue reading Active Game – Aim For Values »

2.  Active Games – Run For Values

Run for Values Game: Divide the class in pairs. One child from every pair will form the inner circle. The others form the outer circle. Inner circle children will sit and outer circle children will stand behind their partner, ready to run around the sitting inner circle. Teacher has to random keep circulating slips of paper to the inner circle children. Each paper will have … Continue reading Active Games – Run For Values »