Save the Date: YA | Heart to Heart Bonding session

Sairam Dear YAs!

Save the Date! YA  Heart to Heart Bonding Session with Leslie Farkas

All YAs are encouraged to join as Br. Leslie inspires and guides us with experiences shared with Swami and the impact Swami’s unconditional love has made on him.

Bio of Brother Leslie Farkas

Leslie Farkas first visited Swami when he was 21 in 1989. Leslie was very skeptical and even against this strange looking man in India. Leslie’s heart was deeply yearning for God, but he was living from his head, from the ego, thinking that he could be the master of his own life.
It was on Leslie’s third trip in 1992, when out of a deep existential crisis he finally surrendered to Swami. On that day of surrender the mind took a back seat and the Lord of Love became the charioteer of his life. This visit that was to last 6 months, turned into a five-year spiritual odyssey of living and serving in the physical presence of the Lord. Swami asked Leslie and his Mother to run the Western Canteen.

They had no prior experience, but with Swami’s grace, much hard work and the service of many devotees, they served many hundreds and sometimes thousands of devotees per meal.  In the last year of his stay, Swami asked Leslie to speak to visiting devotees as a Public Relations Officer, sharing Swami’s messages, teachings and his own experiences. In 1997 Swami told Leslie it was time to leave and go back to California, where Swami would continue to guide and polish him. Since returning to the USA, Leslie has been working as an Electrical & Mechanical Engineer in the medical device and electric transportation fields. He continues to do service and shares his experiences and teachings of his Divine Master who resides in his heart as his very Self.

Loving Sairams,