Active Games – Run For Values

Run for Values


Divide the class in pairs. One child from every pair will form the inner circle. The others form the outer circle.

Inner circle children will sit and outer circle children will stand behind their partner, ready to run around the sitting inner circle.

Teacher has to random keep circulating slips of paper to the inner circle children. Each paper will have either a good habit or bad behavior on it.

When the teacher claps hands or plays any musical instrument, the outer circle children have to run around the sitting circle.

When the clapping or music stops they have to run and stand behind their partner.

Partner will open a slip of paper and read it. If it is good then the child gets to run again; if it is a bad habit, the child sits facing the inner circle partner. Let them play for some time and then switch circles. Those who were running now sit and the sitting circle children get to run. Their partners remain the same.


  1. Why do you think some of you got to run again? (discuss good behavior is rewarding)
  2. Why do you think some of these behaviors are bad? What do they do to self and others? (Ask one question at a time and keep building questions based on children’s’ responses)