Active Games – Alien Communication



Select some children to act as aliens. They are now on Planet Earth and they need some essentials but do not know the language.

 Give each of the aliens a paper with one picture like car, sandwich, mosquito repellent, house, pizza…. drawn on it.

 Each alien has to act out the word depicted on his paper during his turn and the others have to guess what he wants in only 3 guesses.

Since aliens do not know our language, other children (humans)are given a bunch of random pictures with the actual ones mixed in them. They can choose the answer from these and show the selected picture to the alien for each guess.

 If the humans guess the word correctly, the alien joins the Earth group, but if the word cannot be guessed the alien sits far away from the Earth group.

 After each alien gets a turn to act, the teacher analyses the game.


The teacher has to observe everyone’s behavior during the game, so that you can question the children about why they reacted to the situation as they did.

 1. Ask the aliens whose problem was solved about how they felt (you can ask them if the others made him feel comfortable whilst communicating)

2. Ask the aliens whose problems remained unsolved, about their feelings towards humans and self.

3. Question the humans about their feelings when the alien was trying to communicate to them. How did they feel when they got the right answer and also when they got a wrong one?

(Bring out the values of responsibility towards others who are in need, helping, patience in understanding and communication, especially with those who don’t speak the same language as ours. This is very prominently seen in USA as there are people from different nations speaking different languages, or in India where each state has its own language, so relate them to real life situations.)