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1.  Active Games – Crowns We Wear

THE CROWNS WE WEAR Everyone sits in a circle. Each one has a paper crown on the head with directions for others to follow. No one is allowed to see their own crown. The crown directions could be like: ALWAYS LISTEN TO ME SAY YES TO EVERYTHING I SAY SAY NO TO ALL MY SUGGESTIONS DON’T LOOK AT ME JUST KEEP SMILING AT ME WHEN … Continue reading Active Games – Crowns We Wear »

2.  Active Games – Effective Communication

GUIDES: (Any age group) Game: Divide the children in two groups. Make the groups sit in straight lines facing each other. Draw a medium sized circle between the two groups. You will be placing a small piece of paper in this circle only when the game begins. Eg.            Group XX                                      Group AA               XX                                                   AA               XX                                                   AA               XX                            O                     AA               XX                                                   … Continue reading Active Games – Effective Communication »

3.  Active Game – Aim For Values

Aim For Values  Game: Make nine pins from cardboard and write (love, hate, sharing, caring, meanness, jealousy) or draw and illustrate good or bad habits on them for younger children (E.g.: spitting on roads or littering, cleaning litter, helping, hitting) Each child gets a turn to hit the 9 pins arranged in a particular bowling order with a soft ball. They have to aim for … Continue reading Active Game – Aim For Values »

4.  Active Games – Run For Values

Run for Values Game: Divide the class in pairs. One child from every pair will form the inner circle. The others form the outer circle. Inner circle children will sit and outer circle children will stand behind their partner, ready to run around the sitting inner circle. Teacher has to random keep circulating slips of paper to the inner circle children. Each paper will have … Continue reading Active Games – Run For Values »

5.  Active Games – Magical Chant

MAGICAL CHANT Game: It is similar to a tag game. All the children can run. Two from the class are selected; one to tag others called “BAD DEEDS” and the other to free the ones tagged called “GOOD DEEDS.” Bad Deeds will hold a small black flag and Good Deeds will hold a golden flag. Everyone runs and Bad Deed tries to tag them. When … Continue reading Active Games – Magical Chant »

6.  Active Games – PUT-APART-I

PUT-APART-I (That’s how Swami explained Puttaparthi) Game: Give an age appropriate topic to each child and let them speak on it for 2 minutes. The RULE is they cannot use the pronoun, “I”. If they do they have to stop and sit down. The other children who are listening have to be alert to point out if the pronoun “I” is used. Topic egs: (Try … Continue reading Active Games – PUT-APART-I »

7.  Active Games – Alien Communication

ALIEN COMMUNICATION Game: Select some children to act as aliens. They are now on Planet Earth and they need some essentials but do not know the language.  Give each of the aliens a paper with one picture like car, sandwich, mosquito repellent, house, pizza…. drawn on it.  Each alien has to act out the word depicted on his paper during his turn and the others … Continue reading Active Games – Alien Communication »

8.  Active Games – Cross The River of Life

CROSS THE RIVER OF LIFE   Game:  Draw a line dividing the room into two. One side of the line is the river and the other side is the land.  One person becomes the coast guard and stands near the line in the river. All the kids, except the coast guard, will start by being in the river of life and have a paper pinned … Continue reading Active Games – Cross The River of Life »