SSE Teacher’s Resources

1. Lesson Plans:

We are in the process of collecting the lesson plans being used for our SSE classes. You can look at the plans available on this portal or on the national repository. You could even contribute to the collection by uploading any lesson plans you might have. Please look at the table with links in section 3.

2. SSE Teacher Training:

Members and Parents aspiring to become SSE Teachers can now take the teacher training course online. The program consists of a self paced training module followed by a review of the lesson plans generated by the trainee. Once the online training is completed, the newly inducted teachers can start generating lesson plans for the SSE classes. It is advisable for them to pair up with existing SSE Teachers for a few weeks. This would provide them with smooth transition into conducting the classes on their own.

Here are the steps to be followed to start the online SSE Teacher’s Training:

    1. Please inform your center / group’s SSE coordinator of your intent to start the training.

Note: At any point in time, if you need help with the training or need clarification on the concepts presented in the training, please reach out to your center’s SSE coordinator or the regional SSE coordinator.

Contact Information
Center / Group SSE Coordinator Center Details
Regional SSE Coordinator

3. Important Links:

Title Website
US National SSE Portal
Enrichment Workshop Presentations
Teacher Training Information
Conference Reading Material from International SSE Conference 2015
  1. Booklet provided to all delegates.
  2. Reference reading material – SSE Discourses, SSE Quotes, Concept Paper
Title Link
Lesson Plans
SSE Plays
General material pertaining to SSE
Upload Lesson Plan
Go to God, not Google– Before you make a lesson on a value, please find out what Swami’s words on them are. We owe it to His children and to ourselves. You can look at the following: Discourse Search
Radio Sai App for your mobile Stories
Chinna Katha Archives Chinna Katha
Get Inspired Archives
Swami’s Life Story
Gita for Children
Also check out
Quiz Archives

4. Values Game Corner:

In an effort to make the classes more interesting and create a fun based learning environment, a number of values games could be incorporated into the weekly classes. For e.g. Illustrating the unity of all religions via a crossword on the “Golden Rule” of religions may help the kids retain better what they learn in the class. Or a discussion on Swami’s childhood could be coupled with a quiz on the important dates and events from Swami’s childhood.
We have a few collection of such games available on our portal. You can also encourage the children to come up with more such puzzles that we could add to the collection. New puzzles can be submitted using the lesson plan submission form available here.