Excerpts of the articles are presented below. Please click on the title to read the full article.
34.  Truth – Self Confidence

Value: Truth Sub-value: Self-Confidence   Spiritual Principle: To know who you really are and believe in yourself. Quote:             “The first thing you must do is develop self-confidence. People who have no confidence in their own selves begin to wander about, waver, and take various paths.” – SSS 9:39, 203; Brindavan, 3-28-75 Metta Prayer from Buddhism:                 “May I be in peace.             … Continue reading Truth – Self Confidence »

35.  Truth – Goodness

Value: Truth Sub-value: Goodness   Spiritual Principle: To be good and do good.   Quote:             “Elevate yourselves by doing good, speaking good, seeking good and having the good of others in mind.” – SSS 10:25; 159; Brindavan, 7-30-77   St. Francis Prayer:              Lord make me an instrument of thy peace             Where there is hatred, let me sow love             Where there is … Continue reading Truth – Goodness »

37.  Right Conduct – Dedication

Sai Ram Value: Right Conduct Sub-value: Dedication Silent sitting: 3 Aums and followed by All students are requested to sit in a comfortable position. Keep your hands on the table or your lap. Do deep breathing. Breath in……breathe out…..Breathe in …… breathe out……. Quote: “Truth can be won only through dedication and devotion” – SSS 6:1,1 Prayer: “O Lord, I am born from the womb … Continue reading Right Conduct – Dedication »

38.  Developing Tolerance

Value: Peace Sub-value: Tolerance Spiritual Principle: to show brotherliness despite differences by understanding that everyone is an aspect of the same God who is also in you. Quote:             “Man is inherently divine; he ought therefore demonstrate in thought, word and deed the divine attributes of Love, Tolerance, Compassion and Humanity. God is Truth; man too must live in Truth. God is Love; man too … Continue reading Developing Tolerance »

40.  SSE Coordinators & Teachers Enrichment Workshops 2016

The SSE Enrichment program has been ongoing in Region 3 from September 2013. We are thankful to Dr. Srinivas Raghavan, National SSE Coordinator, for his active support in enabling the teachers and coordinators with a good understanding of the new framework. Continuing with that effort, there have been two enrichment workshops conducted in Region 3 this year. The first workshop was held in February 06th … Continue reading SSE Coordinators & Teachers Enrichment Workshops 2016 »