Active Game – Aim For Values

Aim For Values


  • Make nine pins from cardboard and write (love, hate, sharing, caring, meanness, jealousy) or draw and illustrate good or bad habits on them for younger children (E.g.: spitting on roads or littering, cleaning litter, helping, hitting)
  • Each child gets a turn to hit the 9 pins arranged in a particular bowling order with a soft ball. They have to aim for values.
  • If they hit a value pin, they can continue to play till they hit a bad habit. If they do not get a value pin then they forgo their turn till the next round.
  • After each child has had a turn, you can begin the second round. Play a few rounds as the children will have fun.
  • Now reverse instructions.
  • Ask the children to hit the bad habits and try to make them fall. If they hit good habits and make them topple then they are out of the game.



  1. Why did they think of a particular behavior was a value and aim for it?
  2. Why did they think a particular behavior as bad?


  1. In the first part of the game: This world is full of good and bad things. Aim only for good. If you aim for bad you lose a vital part of your character.
  2. In the reversed version: Identify what is bad in the world and in ourselves and get rid of it.