Active Games – Magical Chant



It is similar to a tag game. All the children can run. Two from the class are selected; one to tag others called “BAD DEEDS” and the other to free the ones tagged called “GOOD DEEDS.” Bad Deeds will hold a small black flag and Good Deeds will hold a golden flag.

Everyone runs and Bad Deed tries to tag them. When he tags a child then that child has to stop running and stand still. The good deeds child has to rescue the tagged child by touching him and saying Sai Ram. The other child replies Sai Ram and is free to run again. If he forgets to reply Sai Ram, he cannot run till he remembers to do so.

Children can take turns to run and to be “good deeds” and “bad deeds”.


  1. Why were those touched by Bad Deeds unable to move?
  2. How did Good Deeds help them move?

Bring Out:

The power of namasmaranam in all our daily life.