Active Games – PUT-APART-I


(That’s how Swami explained Puttaparthi)


Give an age appropriate topic to each child and let them speak on it for 2 minutes. The RULE is they cannot use the pronoun, “I”. If they do they have to stop and sit down. The other children who are listening have to be alert to point out if the pronoun “I” is used.

Topic egs: (Try to think of topics where there will be self-involvement and doing something to help others. That is where our egos ride high!)

·         Once you saw an old, wrinkled lady crying on the road as she couldn’t cross it…..

·         You saw a baby bird falling from its nest….

·         A homeless man asks you for food and help…..

·         Your friend has failing grades in math and asks for your help…..



1.   Why did we try not to use the pronoun “I”?

2.   What is this “I”?

3.   What happens to us when we use too much of “I” in our lives?

 (Bring out the role of ego and self-involvement in our actions and thoughts and even social behavior. Talk about doing good even when there is no one to notice and acknowledge it. Explain finally why Swami says, “Put Apart The I” for Puttaparthi)