SSE Regional Theme for 2015 – 2016

SSE With Fun
At the end of the previous year’s SSE program, all centers and groups were asked for feedback on the various values that would be most relevant to them for the 2015 – 16 SSE year. Based on the response, a common theme has been identified to be followed by all centers and groups in Region 3 this year.

The theme is “Loving Swami” and the practical application it should have in the children’s daily lives is “Spending More Time With God”.

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What Does A Common Theme Mean?

A common theme across the region enables us to structure the SSE classes with a common aim in mind – at the end of the quarter or the SSE year, the children in our region should feel a greater connection with Swami, and be able to engage with Swami in their day to day activities. In order to achieve this end goal, each center may choose a track of learning and a methodology (Awareness / Inspiration / Experiential / Sharing) that would work best for their set of SSE children.

In addition, we also encourage the parents to participate in similarly themed study circle discussion. This would provide the children with an environment at home that would reinforce what they learn in the SSE class.

The Planning Process

As outlined above, a careful planning exercise is conducted by each SSE coordinator and the center’s SSE teachers in identifying the topic areas and teaching methodology with inputs from the parents and children too. For each quarter, the teacher’s identify the number of lessons, their type, any guest speakers and field trips required for each of the four groups. Such planning enabled the teachers to prepare content in advance, and also infuses variety in the classes.  This results in increased engagement of the children in the SSE classes.