90th Birthday – Joint Celebrations by South Florida Centers

The South Florida Sai Centers are pleased to submit this combined report of the activities taken up by the SSE children during the months of October and November of 2015.

There were three major events that all the five Sai Centers of South Florida (Miami Beach, South Miami, Central Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach) celebrated together the Avatar Declaration Day, Akhanda Bhajans and then Swami’s 90th Birth Anniversary in an exceptional display of unity and harmony. With Swami’s Grace, the SSE Children of all the five Sai Centers participated in all the three events bringing joy to the gathering. Details of the events and the participation of the SSE children are as follows:

  1. Avatar Declaration Day: The event held at the South Miami Sai Center on 10/24/15 had a guest speaker and devotional songs by adult members. The SSE Children from the West Palm Beach Sai Center were blessed with the opportunity to start the evening who explained the significance of Avatar Declaration Day.

  2. Akhanda Bhajans: The global Akhanda Bhajans were celebrated with much devotion and dedication by the five South Florida Sai Centers together from 11/14/15 through 11/15/15 at the South Miami Sai Center. An exclusive time slot was created for the SSE children to offer bhajans for one and half hours during the event. We are so pleased to report that the children sang multi faith and multi-language bhajans to the joy and appreciation of the devotees.



  3. Swami’s 90th Birth Anniversary Celebrations: The birthday celebrations held on November 22nd at an event center in Miami included a special offering by the SSE children, a skit titled “Awake, Arise and Transform”. There were about 36 children from the Sai Centers of South Florida conveyed Swami’s teachings seamlessly flowing across three different settings and as many scenes. The SSE coordinators of the South Florida Sai Centers humbly share the text of the skit and the pictures from the event as attached.