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1.  Proper Care Of The Boat

Study Circle: 08/26/18 Sathya Sai Speaks: Chapter 21, Vol 6 Proper care of the boat Like the three blades of a fan which must be activated by the current to rotate like one, in order to make life pleasant; the three–the Cabinet, the Officers and the People–must be activated by the spirit of service and work joyfully in unison, in order to make the people … Continue reading Proper Care Of The Boat »

2.  Study Circle Buddha Poornima

The Heart of Buddha (From USA Website) Buddha Poornima is one of the most sacred festivals in the Buddhist calendar. It celebrates three important events in Buddha’s life- birth, enlightenment and final mergence. It occurs on the full moon day in the fourth lunar month of Vaisakha.  In many of His discourses, especially to educators, students and youth, Sathya Sai Baba has said that one … Continue reading Study Circle Buddha Poornima »

5.  Truth – Goodness

Value: Truth Sub-value: Goodness   Spiritual Principle: To be good and do good.   Quote:             “Elevate yourselves by doing good, speaking good, seeking good and having the good of others in mind.” – SSS 10:25; 159; Brindavan, 7-30-77   St. Francis Prayer:              Lord make me an instrument of thy peace             Where there is hatred, let me sow love             Where there is … Continue reading Truth – Goodness »

7.  You are mine

You Are Mine Objective: Understand the reason for God to incarnate into a form and that the underlying Divinity never changes with or without form. Quote: The Avatar, or form incarnate, is only the concretization of the yearning of the seekers. It is the solidified sweetness of the devotion of godly aspirants. The Formless assumes the form for the sake of these aspirants and seekers. … Continue reading You are mine »