Right Conduct – Dedication

Sai Ram

Value: Right Conduct

Sub-value: Dedication

Silent sitting: 3 Aums and followed by

All students are requested to sit in a comfortable position. Keep your hands on the table or your lap. Do deep breathing. Breath in……breathe out…..Breathe in …… breathe out…….


Truth can be won only through dedication and devotion

– SSS 6:1,1


O Lord, I am born from the womb of sleep, I am determined to carry out all the tasks this day as offerings to Thee ever present before my mind’s eye. Make my words, thoughts and deeds sacred and pure. Let me not inflict pain on anyone: let no one inflict pain on me: direct me, guide me this day.


            Surrender to the feet of the Lord Sai Baba, surrender to the feet of the Lord

            Surrender to the one we adore Sai Baba, surrender to the one we adore

            And with devotion we can cross the ocean with Baba beside us to guide us

            Surrender to the one we adore Sai Baba, surrender to the one we adore

Once when the sage Narada was proceeding to Vaikuntha,the heavenly abode of the Lord, he espied a yogi (renunciant) who was engaged in severe ascetic practices.

The yogi prayed to Narada to bring back from Vaikuntha information about the date of his becoming entitled to enter into the Lord’s abode. Narada promised to do so.

When Narada stood in the presence of God, he pleaded on behalf of the yogi and asked that he may be informed of the date.

The Lord replied, “Tell him that he will be coming here after as many more births as there are leaves on the tree under which he is currently doing penance.”

Narada felt sad and dispirited when he thought of the grief into which the yogi would be thrown into on hearing this disheartening verdict of the Lord. But he mustered courage to announce it nevertheless, for, the yogi insisted on learning the news that he had assured to bring.

When Narada at last broke the demoralizing decision of the Lord, contrary to his expectations, the yogi was transported into a realm of joy; he was not dispirited in the least.

He jumped and danced in glee. He was lost in the thrill of his dream being so near actual fulfillment. He became oblivious to the world around and was filled with ecstasy thinking of the Lord and offering Him his profound gratitude.

The Lord was so pleased with the joy of the yogi that He himself appeared before him and offered him Vaikuntha immediately. But, the yogi said, he would bide his time, for, he did not like the Lord’s word, which Narada had brought, to be falsified!

The Lord now had to convince him that good deeds, noble thoughts and sacred feelings can wipe out the tracings of bad; therefore, by his enthusiastic acceptance of the Lord’s will he has actually overcome the consequences of past actions.

(Chinna Katha Vol. 7, Issue 12: Dec 2009)


  1. What made the Lord offer the Yogi a place in the Heaven?
  2. What should you do before and after doing a particular thing?
  3. How do you feel after dedicating everything to God?
  4. How can you practise dedication in your everyday life ?


Group Activity:


1: Discuss the dedication of Hanuman, Sabari and Bharatha in Ramayana.

2: Discuss the dedication of Arjuna in Mahabharatha.


Life application: Do all your duties sincerely and dedicate them to God. He will take care of everything. Be willing to accept whatever God has given you.