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1.  The Tree Of Life

Study Circle: 08/19/18 Sathya Sai Speaks – Vol 6, Chapter 20: The Tree Of Life. I am glad that this Primary Health Centre has brought us all together today. This is a source of great joy to the villagers and so I am also happy. The rulers of our States, of whom the minister and the legislators now on this platform are the representatives, declare … Continue reading The Tree Of Life »

2.  Truth – Self Confidence

Value: Truth Sub-value: Self-Confidence   Spiritual Principle: To know who you really are and believe in yourself. Quote:             “The first thing you must do is develop self-confidence. People who have no confidence in their own selves begin to wander about, waver, and take various paths.” – SSS 9:39, 203; Brindavan, 3-28-75 Metta Prayer from Buddhism:                 “May I be in peace.             … Continue reading Truth – Self Confidence »