You are mine

You Are Mine


Understand the reason for God to incarnate into a form and that the underlying Divinity never changes with or without form.


The Avatar, or form incarnate, is only the concretization of the yearning of the seekers. It is the solidified sweetness of the devotion of godly aspirants. The Formless assumes the form for the sake of these aspirants and seekers. They are the prime cause. The cow secretes milk for the sustenance of the calf. That is the chief beneficiary. But, as we see, others also benefit from that milk. So too, though the devotees are the prime cause and their joy and sustenance the prime purpose, other incidental benefits also accrue, such as the fostering of dharma (right action) the suppression of evil, and the overwhelming of the wicked.


There is no compulsive rule that incarnations should occur only on the earth and in human form. Any place and any form can be chosen by the fully free. Whichever place and form promote the purpose of fulfilling the yearning of the devotee, that place and form are chosen by the will of God. God is above and beyond the limits of time and space. He is beyond all characteristics and qualities, and no list of such can describe Him fully. For Him, all beings are equal. The difference between man, beast, bird, worm, insect, and even a god is but a difference of the ‘vessel’.


God is like the electric current that flows through various contrivances and expresses itself in many different activities. There is no distinction in the current; it is the same. To speak of it as different is to reveal one’s ignorance. So too, the one single God activates every vessel and gives rise to manifold consequences. The wise see only the one uniform current; the ignorant feel that they are all distinct. God appreciates the consciousness of unity as the basic motive of acts. He doesn’t appreciate the activity itself being one without variety; it is suited to the various needs.


– Quotes from “Bhagavatha Vahini”




Suggested questions:

  1. Why does an Avatar manifest?
  2. How do we see ourselves as the indestructible Atma (Eternal Divine Self)?
  3. How do we become instruments of the Lord in our day to day life?
  4. How do we avoid seeking the fruits of our actions in our day to day life?


Life Application:

Remember throughout the week that Swami has taken a Form for our benefit. Remember Him and call upon Him frequently.


Affirmation: You are mine