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1.  Stagnation In The Same Class

Study Circle 10/28/18: Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 7 Chapter 2 Maintain inner equanimity with all your strength It is Maayaa (illusion) that makes man take the Naama and Ruupa (the name and the form) as real. Attachment is born out of this Maayaa only. It acts like a veil to hide the reality behind all this multiplicity. Maayaa is the vesture of Maadhava (God); he … Continue reading Stagnation In The Same Class »

3.  Align with His Plan

Align with His plan Objective: To realize we are born to fulfill God’s plan. Quote: In every one of you, God is the moving spirit, the very Soul; how then can you be evil when you are here to fulfill God’s purpose, according to his Will, His plan, His law? He has endowed you with many faculties so that you may seek Him and reach … Continue reading Align with His Plan »