Align with His Plan

Align with His plan


To realize we are born to fulfill God’s plan.


In every one of you, God is the moving spirit, the very Soul; how then can you be evil when you are here to fulfill God’s purpose, according to his Will, His plan, His law? He has endowed you with many faculties so that you may seek Him and reach Him. You are not, therefore, a helpless neglected individual undergoing a sentence of death. You are an embodiment of Bliss, born to a rich heritage, which is yours for the asking. Only you do not ask. Have faith in your destiny and work gladly and steadily to attain it.

(Divine discourse in the Gokhale Hall, Chennai on June 25, 1960.)




Suggested Questions:

  1. Do we have to ask God for help? What are the advantages of calling upon God for help?
  2. How do we know what is the Divine plan?
  3. What spiritual/devotional practices do you practice daily that connect you to God?
  4. Can you think of a specific example when you feel connected to God when NOT doing a formal spiritual practice, but in your day to day worldly life?


Life Application:

Remember to ask God for help in aligning with God’s plan during your normal day to day activities.



I will align with God’s plan.