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    Creator:           (wearing a work apron – with tools in His hands)  Embodiments of Perfection, greetings to all of you, I am “The Creator”, and out of my sweet will, I’ve created a unique Universe called “Happyville”.  In Happyville, there live many wonderful living things, but the pride of all my creation are these beings called “Humacks”.  I love my Humacks so much because I’ve made each of them perfect to fit into the purpose I have set out for them.  It might interest you that I worked extra hard for each of my Humacks.  I worked long hours with love and patience and used the best state of the art tools.  I made each individual Humack beautiful and unique to fit perfectly into the role ordained for him or her.

    When I look at my creation, I am filled with bliss….


    Scene 1: (work bench – God is sitting at it)

    Biffer:  Have you seen everyone in Happyville recently?

    Fiffy:   I just don’t get it.

    Biffer : Why would anyone want to wear their nose green?

    Fiffy:   Because everyone else is.

    Biffer:  I don’t understand…What do you mean?  Why would it matter what everyone else is doing?

    Fiffy:   Everyone wants to look like everyone else.  Sometimes it’s square hats, sometimes it’s tall shoes.  Why last month the big thing was yellow ears, and now it’s green noses.  Everyone wants a green nose!

    Biffer:  Does the green nose make them smarter?

    Fiffy:   No

    Biffer:  Then does it make them stronger?

    Fiffy:   Nope

    Biffer:  Does it make them faster?

    Fiffy:   No

    Biffer:  Does it at least make them sniff better?

    Fiffy:   No not really

    Biffer:  Then what does the green nose make them?

    Creator: Greener…They think they will be happier if they look like everyone else.  But I made you all different for a unique purpose.  Freckles, long noses, bright eyes, dark eyes.  These were all my idea.  But now all the Humacks want to look alike.

    Fiffy:   Not me! I’m happy just the way you made me!

    Biffer:  Me too.  I don’t need a green nose to feel special.  But I am curious to see what a green nose looks like up close.  Want to go?

    (they’re about to turn around and exit stage…)

    Creator:           Wait!  Don’t forget I made you all different for a purpose.


    Scene 2:

    Willy Withit:    It’s the latest thing – don’t be the only one with a plain nose (as he is painting a green nose on a girl)

    (other kids standing around with green noses)

    Biffer:  Who is that?

    Fiffy:   I don’t know

    Hilda:  Why that’s Mr Willy Withit!

    Biffer:  Does he run the nose painting store?

    Hooey: He does more than that!  Painted noses are his idea.

    Diller:  So were the square hats, the tall shoes, the yellow ears.  He decides what’s with it.  Isn’t he the best?

    Fiffy:   Who made him the “new thing” picker anyway?

    Jeddy:  I don’t know ever since he came into town he brought “cool” with him….and he decides the latest trend!

    Jimbo: Look here comes a new nose…

    (Twiggy walks by sporting her new nose),

    Everyone:        “Oooh…Aaah”.

    Mayor’s asst:  Step Aside…Make Way Everybody…Make way for the Honored Mayor of Happyville

    Mayor:   Willy Withit…how could this have happened?  We got the premium nose package!  My wife already needs a touch up!  Our image is at stake!  What will my voters think?

    Willy Withit:  I’m so sorry sir.  There must have been some mistake.  My noses are all top of the line!

    Mayor’s wife:  Oh!  I’m so embarrassed.  This is horrible…just terrible…I chipped some paint off my nose as I bumped into a tree and now the real me is showing.  What are people going to say?  I look terrible…just horrible…

    Mayor: Well….what are you going to do now Willy Withit?

    Willy Withit:  Not to worry.  My noses come with a lifetime guarantee.  I’ll fix it right away!  Don’t move now..

    Mayor’s wife:  Ouch that hurts…

    Mayor:            Dear are you all right?

    Mayor’s wife:  No…he’s hurting me!

    Mayor:            Stop hurting my wife!

    Willy Withit:  If she can hold still for just a moment, I’ll have her nose as good as new!

    Mayor:            Hold still dear…

    Willy Withit:    Voila!  All done!

    Mayor’s wife: How do I look?

    Mayor:            Beautiful, just lovely!


    Biffer:  Such a big fuss over a green nose?

    Fiffy:   Doesn’t look like the green noses are bringing much happiness to the Humacks.

    Biffer:  You’ll never catch me in the nose coloring store.

    (Mayor exits and so do all the other children)

    Biffer is about to exit, and Twiggy…catches hold of Biffer’s hand…

    Twiggy: Hi Biffer…

    Biffer:  Oh…hi Twiggy…

    Twiggy:  Haven’t seen you in a while…how do I look in my new green nose?

    Biffer:  Uh…you look great.  As pretty as always…

    Twiggy: You want to go to join the “Green Nosey Humacks Club?”  You can go with me..  Everybody who is a “somebody” belongs to that Club!  You will need to be “withit” though and get yourself a green nose too.

    Biffer:  Uhh..I don’t know..

    Twiggy:  Besides you’ll look good in green…Oh come on…you know you want to be a part of the Club!

    Spreckles:  Hey Twiggy are you coming?

    Twiggy:  I’ll be right there..

    Spreckles:  You weren’t wasting your time talking to that Biffer were you?  He’s such a “Not withit” Humack.  Aren’t you embarrassed to be seen with him?

    Twiggy:  (shrugs – she goes arm in arm with Spreckles and they exit stage)


    Scene 3:


    (kids playing ball)


    Bumble:  Hey Chuggs what’s wrong? You keep missing the ball.

    Chuggs:   It’s this new nose, I can’t see past it.

    Timkins:  I have the same trouble.  It’s hard seeing past these new long noses.

    Tomkins: You humacks, stop complaining!  You don’t want people to think you’re plain do you?

    Finney:    Yeah don’t you like being “withit” – gotta make some sacrifices to be “withit”

    Bumble:  It has made me more popular since I got this new nose.

    Chuggs:   It hurts to be “withit” sometimes.  I thought we humacks are supposed to be happy all the time here in Happyville.  I don’t feel very happy.

    (enter Lulu Tizzy & Ziffy)

    Finney:  Hey look here come Lulu, Tizzy & Ziffy!


    Lulu, Tizzy & Ziffy:  Hi guys we’re going to the Ice Cream Shoppe downtown, you can join us!


    Chuggs:  Those kids never even said hello to me before.

    Tomkins:  I told you it’s the new noses…they make all the difference! Now do you feel happy?

    Chuggs:    (shrugs) a little I guess….

    Finney:  They don’t care who you are as long as you’re “withit”!

    Timkins:  I never realized it would be so easy to make friends.  This new nose is very inconvenient though.

    Bumble:   Oh you’ll get used to it!  Come let’s join Lulu Tizzy & Ziffy at the Ice Cream Shoppe!


    Scene 4:  (At the Ice Cream Shoppe)


    Chuggs, Bumble, Timkins, Tomkins, Finney walk into the Ice Cream Shoppe


    Lulu Tizzy & Ziffy already sitting eating their ice creams


    Bumble:   Hi guys…

    Lulu, Tizzy & Ziffy continue their conversation ignoring Bumble…

    Tomkins:  Hey, we’re here…yoohoo!

    Lulu:  Oh hi (nonchalantly and goes back to their conversation.)

    Chuggs:  I thought they asked us to join them.

    Timkins:  I guess they’re busy huh?

    Finney:   Hey guys – can we join you?

    Tizzy:   Sorry guys, no more room.

    Ziffy:  You could sit over there maybe?

    Bumble:  What’s your favorite flavor Ziffy?  Maybe I’ll get the same….

    (Lulu, Tizzy and Ziffy – continue their conversation ignoring these guys again)

    Chuggs:  I thought you said they were our friends?

    Finney:  Maybe we’re just not as cool as they are…they’ll start talking to us…just give them a few minutes.


    Tomkins:  I don’t know…doesn’t look like it.

    Chuggs:  I don’t know about you but I’m going to go sit over there and enjoy my ice cream.


    Chuggs goes over to another table, Timkins and Tomkins join him. – Finney and Bumble stay hovering over Lulu, Tizzy & Ziffy)

    Server:   Hello fellow humacks, what can I get you today – I have flavor of the day “Rainbow Surprise”, I also have the regular Moose Juice and Goose Juice sherbets.

    (Chuggs Timkins & Tomkins – look at each other and say simultaneously)

    Chuggs, Timkins & Tomkins:  Goose juice!

    Server:     I had a feeling! (nodding)

    (Server brings out the ice creams)

    Chuggs:  (fumbling with his ice cream around his nose)  I don’t like these new noses – they get in the way of everything!

    Timkins:  Yeah we can’t even enjoy our ice cream the way we used to.

    Tomkins:  I agree…Happyville just isn’t the same anymore…

    (Lulu Tizzy & Ziffy exit stage)

    (Finney & Bumble turn their heads watch L, T & Z leave and then walk over to Chuggs, Tim & Tom)

    Finney:     Come on you guys I thought things were going so well.  Where’d you go?

    Bumble:    Friendships like this take time (the other three look at him),

    Chuggs:    Look Finney, those guys are just into their own thing.  Real friendships don’t have to be forced.   Come on let’s enjoy our ice cream.

    Bumble & Finney:  (sigh) I guess you’re right (both sit down)


    Scene 5:

    Biffer:  I never noticed before but my nose sure does look plain.

    Pinner:  Yes it sure does!

    Blooie: Are you really thinking about getting a green nose?

    Biffer:  I don’t know..maybe…

    Pinner:  You should you know…

    Chooie:They say the paint really stings your nose.

    Pinner:  No it doesn’t – look at me I have one…

    Blooie: I heard it stinks too.

    Pinner:  Sniff Sniff…Do you smell anything?  I don’t smell anything…

    Chooie: What if the brush gets into your eye?

    Pinner:  Don’t be silly…Willy Withit is a pro!

    Blooie: Did you know that the paint only comes off of your nose with sandpaper?

    Pinner:  What gave you that idea?!

    Biffer:  shhh..let’s see what’s going on here…

    (Mayor standing around with citizens of Happyville)

    Mayor’s attendant:  Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! Citizens of Happyville, The Mayor of Happyville has an important announcement to make.

    Mayor: Welcome one and all to the “Green Nosey Humacks Club”.  We are here to honor Willie Withit.  Willie you are classy, you are awesome, you are green….(all the humacks clap).  Willie Withit you are the pioneer of the green snout! (Humacks clap)

    Hilda:  People love me because of you.

    Jeddy:  I have more friends

    Yookeroo:  More people come to my store!

    Zeep:   I am more handsome.

    Stroodel:  I am more popular.

    Jimbo: With a green nose I’m a better Humack.

    (Mayor puts a medal around Willy).  You are the hero of Happyville, we salute your brilliance.  Without you we look like….Them! (pointing to the Biffer, Blooie and Chooie who cover their noses).  Everyone points at them and laughs…(Biffer, Blooie and Chooie – start backing away off stage)

    Mayor’s wife:  Let’s hear it for Willie Withit – The Humack who discovered the cure for the Common Nose! (everyone laughs and cheers).

    Mayor:  Now that almost everyone has a green nose…what you going to think of next?

    (Willie Withit drums his chin).

    Willie Withit:  Hmmmm..


    Scene 6:

    (Biffer, Chooie and Blooie – wearing green noses)


    Biffer: Hey Chooie are you doing all right?

    Chooie:  I can’t really see with my nose in the air.

    Blooie:   Oh this is so hard .Not only do you have to get your nose painted but you have to walk with your head in the air.  I thought this was supposed to make you happier.

    Biffer:    I know…but doesn’t it feel great – imagine who wouldn’t want a green nose.  If they didn’t have one, they’d feel soooo….

    (Fiffy walks in)

    Fiffy:     So… what Biffer?

    Biffer:    Oh nothing Fiffy…I was just saying we haven’t seen you in sooo long.

    Fiffy:     Well you haven’t seen anyone in a long time, except yourselves.  You haven’t even come to The Creator – he’s been asking about you.

    Biffer:    We’ve been busy…

    Fiffy:     Too busy getting “withit”?  (Fiffy walks out)

    Biffer:    She’s just jealous cause she’s not withit

    Chooie & Blooie:  Yeah she’s just jealous…


    (children walk in stand with backs to audience)

    Willie:    (clown music) Step right up Humacks….Get your new noses….(kids lining up to get noses).green noses are out and red noses are in…

    (new set of children walk in stand with backs to audience)

    Biffer:    But we just got our noses painted green.

    Willie:    That’s no problem – our new red paint will cover green.

    Biffer:    we have to go through the paint job again?!

    (Biffer and Chooie and Blooie exit stage)

    Willie:    Step right up humacks…get in style…Now red noses are out and orange noses are in..

    (new kids walk in)

    Willie:    Now orange noses are out and blue noses are in.

    (new kids walk in)

    Willie:    Now blue noses are out and yellow noses are in


    Scene 7:

    Chooie:  This has to be the final color.

    Blooie:   I’m so tired of this.  I wish my nose was common again.

    Biffer:    Yeah you’re right.  We shouldn’t have followed everyone else.  This hasn’t made us any happier.  Look around.  Everyone in Happyville doesn’t look Happy anymore.  They’re too concerned about what color their nose should be…(kids lining up at Willies – children looking at their noses in horror)..

    We should have listened to the Creator.  I want my happiness back.  You think He’ll help us.

    Fiffy:     Why don’t you ask Him?  He thinks of you everyday. He told me to tell you to come to see Him.

    Biffer:    Is He mad at me?

    Fiffy:     Not mad but a little sad.

    Biffer:    Could I bring my friends Chooie and Blooie too?

    Fiffy:     Of course, The Creator is for everyone.


    Scene 8:


    Creator: Trying to fit in eh?  Did you succeed?  Did it bring you happiness?

    Biffer:    Not really.  Every time, we got close, someone else came up and changed all the rules.

    Creator: That’s the way it always is when you venture far away from me and want to change the way I have made you.

    Chooie:  My neck hurts from sticking my nose in the air.

    Creator: You weren’t built to walk with your nose in the air.

    Blooie:   We just want to be ourselves again.

    Creator: I’m really glad to hear that.

    Biffer:    Will you help us?

    Creator: Of course I will always help you become whom I made you to be.  But it will take some time and a little work. (as he takes off his noses using tools)

    Influx of all the humacks walks in with a few saying in different pitches – can you fix my nose?

    Creator:  removes everyone’s nose one by one in a line.

    Willie Withit walks in…

    Mayor:  That’s him! He’s the one Creator! He messed up our noses and started this whole “withit” business.

    Mayor’s wife:  Everyone in Happyville has not been happy since Willy Withit came to town.

    Umbroso:  Throw him out

    Naddy – we don’t want Willie Withit here!

    Nerkle:  What’s Willie Withit doing here anyway?

    (Willie Withit walks over and shakes hands with the Creator)

    (Humacks gasp – what? Huh?…hah?)

    Creator:  This isn’t Willie Withit, he works for me, his name is Willie Wise.   This was all part of My Divine Plan to help everyone to understand that it’s important to celebrate your own individual and unique Self.  To help you experience that you can only be happy just being Your wonderful selves.  After Willie Wise moved into town, Humacks started to realize that Happyville could not be happyville anymore because you were too busy being someone else and why?


    (Curtains)…My dear children (talking to audience)

    I made each of you unique and different for a purpose.  I kept your role in mind while I was designing your features, your color, your creed.  My perfect ones why do you want to look like someone else – be like someone else?  Give up the struggle to look and act like someone that you are not.  Be the Humack Self – complete and perfect, the way I intended for you to be.


    (Curtains open) – Kids already in place to sing:


    We’re remarkable – We really are

    We’re the only one like God

    There isn’t another in the whole wide world

    Who can do the things like God

    “Cause we are perfect- perfect

    Everyone is perfect

    Everyone in his or her own way

    Yes we are perfect – perfect

    Everyone is perfect

    Everyone is God’s most perfect Ray!


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