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    What’s in a Watch?

    (Backdrop of a Big Watch hanging on the wall with the letters and words W, words, A, action, etc on it and pointers)

    ACT I



    (Abhi looking at a watch) (Deepak walks in)

    (background sound effect clock ticking)


    Deepak:           What are you looking at Abhi?

    Abhi:               My watch.

    Deepak:           Why are you looking at it so interestingly?  Are you late for something?

    Abhi:               No. No.  You see this is not an ordinary watch.  This is a special watch.

    Deepak:           What’s so special about this watch?

    Abhi:               An ordinary watch just tells the time.  But this watch tells you how to live your life perfectly.

    Deepak:           Oh really?  How is that?

    Abhi:               Well “W” stands for watch your words, “A” stands for watch your actions, “T” stands for watch your thoughts, “C” stands for watch your character and “H” stands for watch your heart.

    Deepak:           I still don’t understand.

    Abhi:               Well let’s WATCH and find out.






    (Make sure backdrop hour hand is pointing at “W”)

    (Project Street Scene)


    SCENE 1


    TRACK 3 – ACT 1 – SCENE 1


    Sai Durga:       Hi Rupal I haven’t seen you around here for a while.

    Rupal:              No I’ve been out shopping all year round.  I just went to Riches and bought 20 new dresses.  Don’t I look great in everything I wear? (Rupal turns around)


    Sai Durga:       Oh yes, you look beautiful in everything you wear.  Always like a movie star.


    Rupal:              Well of course everything looks good on me.  I have such nice legs better than your skinny legs!  You never look good in anything.  I must be going now.  Bye.


    Sai Durga:       That was so cruel of Rupal.  I guess I’m not that attractive. (looks sad) (stands still with face buried in hands exits stage) (sad music)






    TRACK  4 – ACT I – SCENE 2





    (Rupal enters stage again)


    Nitesh enters: (Nitesh’s arm is in a sling) Hi Rupal! Haven’t seen you in ages.  How are things going?


    Rupal:              Well by the looks of you, things are going better for me (hahaha).  What happened to your arm?


    Nitesh:             Oh I was just rocking back and forth playing in my chair, when I fell over and broke my arm. (cartoon sound effect)


    Rupal:              You shouldn’t be so clumsy!  I’m the best player in our school team and I never fall off chairs!  Goodbye Mr Clumsy Head!  Hehehe (Nitesh walks away feeling sad, shaking his head – leaving stage)(sad music)




    TRACK 5 – ACT I – SCENE 3




    Samir V enters:   (Rupal wearing headphones listening to Material Girl) – Hi Rupal what’s been happening with you?


    Rupal:              (takes off headphones) Oh so much.  I won the beauty pageant, spelling bee and I went on a trip around the world!


    Samir V:          Wow!  You’re so lucky.  I wish I could go on a trip anywhere.  I haven’t gone on vacation in 5 years. I’m saving up to go though.


    Rupal:              You’ll never be able to afford to go.   Vacations are too expensive.  Oh by the way have you seen Nitesh.  He broke his arm.  You know how he broke it? (suspense music)


    Samir V:          No I’m not sure how he broke it. (suspense music)


    Rupal:              He got into a fight with his next door neighbor over something so silly.  His neighbor just came over to borrow something and Nitesh got mad.  Isn’t that just crazy.  He deserves a broken arm!


    Samir V:          That’s not a nice thing to say.


    Rupal:              Well he’s not a nice person!  I’m going to go plan for my next vacation. I’m going to Disney.  (it’s a small world song) You’ll never be able to afford that! Toodaloo….


    Samir V:          She’s so unkind.  I really wish I had more money. (sad music)




    TRACK 6 – ACT I – SCENE 4




    (Project school scene)


    Mr Kotak:       (school bell) Class, we are going to work in pairs today for our project.  Please get into groups of two.


    (all the kids choose their partners – the only one left out is Rupal) (children whispering working on projects)

    (“sh sh…here comes Rupal”)


    Rupal:              Hi Sai Durga you want to be my partner.

    Sai Durga:       No I’m already partners with Nitesh.

    Rupal:              Hey Samir V you want to be my partner.

    Samir V:          No I’ve already got a partner (he links arms with Sai Kirthi (person G).


    (other kids are there everyone chooses partners – Rupal is the only one who nobody wants to

    choose – she goes crying to the teacher) (sad music)


    Rupal:  Nobody wants to be my partner Mr Kotak.  Why?


    Mr Kotak:       (dramatic music) You have been a very cruel young lady.  You hurt Sai Durga’s feelings so much that she came crying to me and said she thought she was unattractive.  You broke her self-esteem.           You tell lies all the time and boast about achievements that aren’t true.

    You made fun of Nitesh’s accident that wasn’t even his fault and then you gossiped to Samir V about it and made up some untrue story about how he fought with his neighbor!  Talking behind people’s backs is very bad.

    Samir V already feels bad that he doesn’t have much money and can’t do things that most other kids do and you made him feel even worse by boasting about your frequent vacations!


    Rupal:              I didn’t realize I was being so nasty.


    Mr Kotak:       Words are like thorns.  They wound and pierce.  Once a word is said.  It can’t be taken back.  At least wounds that are caused by sticks and stones will ultimately heal, but wounds that come from unkindly words take ages to heal.  Use your words with great care from now on. (Rupal nods)


    Rupal goes to Sai Durga, Nitesh  & Samir V. (Realization music)


    Rupal:              Durga, Nitesh & Samir, I am really sorry for all the harsh words I have

    spoken to you and against you.  Please forgive me.  Hence forth, I shall mend my ways and be a

    better person.  (Sai Durga, Nitesh & Samir V hug her)


    Sai Durga, Nitesh, & Samir:   Come join our group for the project.





    Deepak:           Now I understand how watching our words can improve our lives.  What about our actions?


    Abhi:               You’re going to find out in just a minute.







    ACT II


    (Make sure backdrop hour hand is pointing at “A”)


    (backdrop or prop of a car) (Project scene of highway)


    TRACK 9 – ACT II – SCENE 1


    SCENE 1


    (music scary) Old man (looking distressed)


    (sound of approaching motorcycle)

    Bryan approaches old man


    Bryan:  Excuse me Sir may I be of some assistance?


    Old man:  Oh, I don’t know….


    Abhi:  The old man is a little frightened as you can see.  He’s not sure whether he should trust Bryan especially because he looks so poor.


    Deepak:  He is having all kinds of scary thoughts.  What if Bryan robs him or kills him?


    Bryan:  I’m here to help you Sir.  Why don’t you wait in your car where it’s warm.  By the way my name is Bryan.


    (Bryan crawls under the car and fixes it) (sound of fixing, tools, drills, etc)


    Bryan:  Good as new!


    (happier music)

    Old Man:  Oh thank you so much.  I’m actually from St. Louis and was just passing through.  How much

    do I owe you?


    Bryan:  Oh don’t worry about payment.  It was my pleasure.


    Old Man: I shudder to think what might have happened to me had you not come my rescue.  Please let me pay you.


    Bryan:  This was not a job to me.  I like to help people in need.  Okay if you really want to pay me back, then when you see anyone who needs help, please do your best to assist them and yeah…think of me.


    Old Man:  I certainly will.  Thank you Brian.

    (sound effect of man starting his car)


    Bryan:  Good bye and good luck.


    Old Man:  Good bye.  God bless you Bryan.





    TRACK 10 – ACT II – SCENE 2




    SCENE 2


    (Project scene of restaurant).  (sound effect of restaurant) (old man sits down at a table) (other people sitting at tables)

    (Waitress is pregnant) (Don’t forget to put dollar bills and letter under table that old man sits at)


    Waitress:          Good evening Sir.  My name is Candy and I’ll be your server tonight.  What can I get you to drink?  Let me get you a clean towel so that you can wipe your wet hair.


    Old man:          thank you.  I’ll have a cup of tea please.


    (candy goes to get tea and towel)


    Waitress:          Here you go (hands him the towel and cup of tea).  Are you ready to order yet or shall I give you a few more minutes?


    Old man:          How do you manage to have such a sweet smile on your face even though you must have been on your feet working for more than 8 hours and you’re even expecting a baby.


    Waitress:          You know the Lord has given me so many sweet blessings in my life that I can’t help but keep a smile on my face.  Everything I think, feel, say and do will affect my baby.  I want a happy baby.


    Old man (smiles):  You are truly blessed.  I’ll have a blueberry waffle please.  Thanks.


    Waitress:          Great!  Your order will be out very soon.


    Old man says to himself:  How can someone with so little be so giving and loving to a stranger?  Just like the Bryan I met earlier.


    (Waitress brings the food to old man)


    Waitress:          Here’s your blueberry waffle.  Enjoy it!


    (Ten minutes later – walk across with sign)

    (Candy have cheque ready)


    Old man:          Excuse me, Candy, can I have the check please?


    Waitress:          Sure here you go.


    (Old Man puts a hundred dollar bill down)


    Waitress:          I’ll be right back with your change.


    (Old Man pretends to write a note, puts other 100 dollar bills and walks out quietly)


    Waitress:          Where did he go?  I have his change.  Look he left me a note and $400!:   “Please keep the change plus a little extra.  You don’t owe me anything.  Somebody once helped me out, the way I’m helping you.  If you really want to pay me back, then don’t let this chain of love end with you signed Mr Waters.

    (waitress wipes her tears of joy).











    SCENE 3


    Abhi:   Well Candy finished her shift at the restaurant that evening and went home.




    Candy: I’m home (door closes sound effect)


    Bryan:  Hi dear how was your day?


    Candy: (angelic music) You know we’ve been talking about all the money we need with the new baby coming and everything.


    Bryan:  Aha…


    Candy: Well God sent us an angel today.  He gave me a large tip and we’re going to be okay Bryan…


    (Bryan stands up and hugs Candy)






    Abhi:  So Candy as we found out was none other than Bryan’s wife.  The same Bryan that

    Had helped the old man with his car.  Thus our actions speak louder than words and if we always

    perform good actions, God will always reward us with much more.


    Deepak:  In this way we watch our actions and our results will always be positive.


    Abhi:  Now let’s see why it is important to watch our thoughts and how our thoughts and

    character are linked.










    (Make sure backdrop hour hand is pointing at “T”)


    TRACK 15 – ACT III – SCENE 1


    SCENE 1


    (Project scene of Nursery)

    (Nursery of a child) (different toys)

    (happy music showing two boys playing with cars)


    (child wearing bad thought poster walks over to the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder) (sinister music)


    (Akshay’s thought) – I think I’m going to show my new Porsche car off to Bharat.

    (music showing off car to Bharat)


    (child wearing bad thought poster walks over to the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder)


    (Bharat’s thought) – That’s not fair, he’s got a Porsche car, it’s better than my hot wheels car.  I’ll

    just grab it from him.


    (music depicting fighting over car) (lighting effect) (strobe light)


    (child wearing bad thought poster walks over to the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder)


    Bharat’s thought – I know! I’ll just push him! That way I’ll get the car!


    (music where Bharat pushes Akshay – bang Bharat breaks Akshay’s car) (sound effect of breaking) (angry music)


    (child wearing bad thought poster walks over to the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder)


    (Akshay’s thought) – (crying) I’m going home and I’ll never be Bharat’s friend again! ((Akshay gets angry and upset stomps his feet)


    (Bharat crying….)









    Abhi:               See how one bad thought first led to pride on Akshay’s part, then greed and jealousy

    on Bharat’s Part, then Anger, violence and ultimately sadness.  Because of  Akshay’s attachment to his car, he decided never to forgive his best friend Bharat and never play with him again.


    Deepak:           Wow!  I didn’t know that thoughts could affect us in such a big way!  All the vices

    came out from just one bad thought?!








    (Child walks across stage with Next Day poster)




    (Project Nursery scene)

    (Make sure backdrop hour hand is pointing at “C”)


    SCENE 2 & 3


    TRACK 19 – ACT III – NARRATOR’S, & SCENE 2 & 3


    (consoling music)

    Abhi:  It is really sad what happened between these two friends because everyone has problems at some

    point or another. Sometimes we hurt the people that we like the most.


    Deepak:  That’s true but the type of character we have is shown by the way we deal with problems.  Let’s

    see what Bharat does to solve his problem.


    (sad music) (Bharat sad)

    Father enters (consoling music), hugging boy etc.


    (Bharat shows car to father, does action of what happened the previous day).

    Father:  You must always watch your thoughts son.  I now leave you to do the right thing. (Father exits)


    (child wearing good thought poster walks over to the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder)


    Bharat’s thought:  Why don’t I say sorry to Akshay and invite him over again.


    (child wearing bad thought walks over the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder again)


    Bharat’s thought:  No maybe I’ll just leave him alone, I can find many other friends…..(shakes his head) and

    (child wearing good thought…)says Om Shri Sai Ram Om Shri Sai Ram! No No…..why am I thinking these bad thoughts! Swami help me….


    (cool sounding music) (Baba walks onto stage takes the bad thought kid off stage).


    (child wearing good thought poster walks over to the Bharat and taps him on the shoulder again)


    Bharat’s thought:  Oh Swami!  What was I thinking.  I really treasure our friendship.  I’ll ask Daddy if I can buy

    Akshay a new car to replace the one I broke.


    SCENE 3

    (telephone ring)


    Bharat calls Akshay:  Hello Akshay, hey I’m really sorry about yesterday.


    Akshay (on the phone):  You really hurt my feelings.


    Bharat:  I know, I showed complete lack of character.


    Akshay:  that’s okay I forgive you.  Besides I showed bad character too by showing off  with my

    new Porsche car.


    (happy music fades in)


    Bharat:  Friends again?


    Akshay:  Friends again!


    Bharat:  Why don’t you come over and play?


    Akshay:  I’ll be right over


    (happy music)


    (Akshay comes over.  Bharat gives him a hug.  Bharat gives Akshay a new car.  Akshay is







    Deepak:  Wow both Bharat & Akshay showed great character!  So we now see the link between thoughts and

    character.  Good thoughts give a good Character.


    Abhi:  And bad thoughts lead to bad character.  So the way to watch our character is by

    Cultivating good thoughts, which lead to good words which ultimately lead to good actions.


    Deepak:  Right on!


    Deepak:  I understand the “W”, “A”, “T” and “C”, but there’s one more letter, “H”.


    Abhi:  Yes, “H” is for heart.  We must also watch our heart and not let malice enter it.

    Let’s watch a scene from the life of Prophet Muhammad, the great prophet of Islam.








    (Make sure backdrop hour hand is pointing at “H”)

    (Mosque backdrop)

    (Project mosque scene)


    ACT IV – SCENE 1



    Abhi:  Prophet Mohammed was conveying God’s message of Love, surrender to God, discipline and

    devotion in an environment that was hostile to the new religion of Islam.


    One such person who didn’t like his message was a Man whose house the Prophet had to pass by

    every day to get to his place of prayer:


    TRACK 24 – ACT IV – SCENE 1


    Man:    Here comes that Prophet again.  I’ll show him not to preach to me!  (he throws garbage (paper shreds on him).  (sound effect of throwing garbage)

    (Prophet just dusts it off and goes on his way)







    (child walks across with sign Next Day)


    TRACK 26 – ACT IV – SCENE 2

    Man:  He doesn’t learn does he (dumps rubbish on him again) (sound effect of throwing garbage)

    (Prophet just dusts it off and goes on his way)















    (child walks across with Several days later)


    TRACK 28 – ACT IV – SCENE 3

    Man:  I’ve been dumping this garbage on him every day for the past 1 month but he still doesn’t complain or say anything.  How odd! (dumps rubbish on him again) (sound effect of throwing garbage)

    (Prophet just dusts it off and goes on his way)







    (child walks across with One Year Later poster)


    TRACK 30 – ACT IV – SCENE 4a

    Prophet passes again:  I wonder where the kind Man is.  I’m waiting for his daily annointment of garbage.


    Abhi:  The Prophet waited for a few minutes but there was no usual dumping of garbage on him.  So he

    was concerned.


    Prophet (knocks)(knocking sound effect):  Sir, I come in peace.  Hmm..there is no answer.  I wonder if everything is okay, let me go in see. (creaky door sound)


    (partition – Man lying in bed)


    Prophet:  What’s wrong dear Sir?


    Man:  I’m very sick and I have no one to care for me.


    Prophet:  Wait here and I’ll get you some medicine and I’ll return and nurse you back to good health.

    Man:  After I’ve been so unkind to you, you want to help me?


    Prophet:  Nobody is unkind, only our minds make our hearts unkind.  But I forgave you every time you threw

    the garbage on me.


    Man:  You truly are a Man of God.  I want to follow you. (Man bows down to Prophet, Prophet blesses)









    TRACK 31 – ACT IV – SCENE 4b – the dance

    Girls:   You are great Prophet Mohammed we want to follow you and they do their dance: (they bow down)






    Deepak:  Now I see how to watch our heart.  Always shower kindness on one and all.


    Abhi:  Even when the other party has not watched their thoughts and heart and has been unkind to us, we

    should always forgive and have a kind & loving heart.


    Deepak: Swami has given us such a wonderful example of the WATCH.


    Abhi:   So next time you look at your watch to tell time.  Look at it more intently and realize that your watch is no ordinary watch but a watch that could improve your life to be a better person.


    Deepak & Abhi:          Let us watch our words, watch our actions, watch our thoughts.  Watch our character

    and watch our heart.  Sai Ram




    Props List for Play

    ACT 1


    Scene 1


    Watch mounted

    Riches bags

    Handbag – lipstick and mirror inside

    Rupal wearing sunglasses


    Scene 2


    Nitesh wearing sling

    Rupal wearing Hat


    Scene 3


    Rupal wearing headphones


    Scene 4


    Sathya Sai Elementary Attached to Backdrop board


    Folder with pen

    Paper and pencil

    1 Teacher’s desk in middle

    3 chairs on left of teacher’s desk

    2 chairs on right












    Props List for Play

    ACT 2


    Scene 1


    Watch mounted


    Car with stool

    behind it

    Toy tools placed behind car


    Scene 2


    Happy Diner sign attached to backdrop board


    Jaimisha needs pad and pencil and towel hanging on her arm


    Give Jaimisha Cup and saucer


    8 Chairs and 4 tables

    (2 chairs per table)

    Tablecloths on each table

    2 Plates per table

    2 forks and 2 knives per table


    Notes and letter underneath Old Man’s table


    Waffle on a plate


    Boy walks out with Ten Minutes Later sign – get him ready


    Check book


    Scene 3


    Jaimisha wearing raincoat

    Just two chairs


    Give Newspaper to Vishal


    Props List for Play

    ACT 3


    Scene 1


    Toys – stuffed animals, cars,

    Porche car that will break

    Moni wearing Bad thought sign


    Scene 2


    Boy walks out with Next Day sign – get him ready


    Aditya wearing Good thought sign & Moni wearing Bad thought sign


    One telephone placed near Bharat


    Screen put to one side with other telephone placed there









    Props List for Play

    ACT 4


    Scene 1


    Mosque backdrop

    Attached to backdrop board


    Garbage can with shreds in it


    Boy walks out with Next Day sign – get him ready


    Scene 2


    Garbage can with shreds in it


    Boy walks out with Several Days Later sign – get him ready


    Scene 4


    Garbage can with shreds in it


    Boy walks out with One Year Later sign – get him ready


    Screen Door


    Bedding/folding cot

    Chair beside it







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