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    Narrator –

    Young Shirdi Sai  –

    Old Shirdi Sai –

    Hindu Priest –

    Muslim Mulla –

    Shyama –

    Laxmi Bhai –

    Mother –

    Son –

    Father –

    Satya Sai Baba –

    Prema Sai –

    Devotee 1 –

    Devotee 2 –

    Daughter of devotee 2 –

    Devotee 3 –

    Poor person –

    Devotee 4 (old woman) –

    Devotee 5 –

    Devotee 6 –

    Devotee 7 –

    Devotee 8 –

    Seeker –


    Narrator:            Sai Ram, we Sai children are about to take everyone on a journey through time.  First we are going back to September 28, 1835 when our beloved Swami took the form of Shirdi Sai.  During this incarnation, there was great unrest amongst the Hindus and Muslims so the advent of Shirdi Sai stressed on the One great teaching that there is only one God.


    Even as a little boy, Shirdi Sai would go to the Hindu temples and talk about Islam to the Hindus and go to Muslim mosques and preach Hinduism to the Muslims.


    SCENE 1


    In a Hindu Temple:


    Young Shirdi Sai:           I tell you Allah and Krishna are one and the same.  When you see a Muslim, don’t turn

    your head away.  Treat him as your brother.  Treat her as your sister.  For we are all One.  We are all God’s children.


    Hindu priest:                  How dare you come in here and tell us that Allah and Krishna are the same!  You are

    insulting our dear Lord Krishna!


    Young Shirdi Sai:           But they are the same because everyone’s Creator is the same One God and He is in one

    and all.  So I ask you how can your Muslim brother be any different from you?


    Hindu priest:                  You are too young to understand these things.  You don’t know anything!  Go home to

    your father!


    Young Shirdi Sai:           I am at home with my father.  My father is right here in the form of Krishna and Allah.



    (Hindu priest continues to do his prayers and ignores young Shirdi)






    – 2 –

    SCENE 2


    In a Muslim Mosque:


    Young Shirdi Sai:           Hindus and Muslims should stop fighting – since Hinduism and Islam preach the same truth.


    Muslim Mulla:               Why are you comparing our “unique religion” to Hinduism?


    Young Shirdi Sai:           Don’t you see they are One and the same. Allah is the same as Rama.  Rama gave up his

    kingdom and went to the forest for 14 years.  This was to teach how important it is do your duty and help those in need.   This teaching is the same as that in the teaching of   Zakaath in the Holy Quran, which is to do your duty and practice charity and give relief to fellow beings in need or distress.  Do you see the similarities?


    Muslim Mulla:               Get out of here, you disrespectful boy!  What do you know about our precious Quran!


    SCENE 3


    Narrator:  In His latter years  Shirdi Sai slept in a mosque and lived on any food that people gave him.  Most of the

    time he distributed all that he had to the needy leaving nothing for himself.


    (Shirdi Sai distributing puris (Indian bread) to all and not keeping any for himself).


    Shyama:                        Baba, if you give away everything you have, what will you eat?


    Shirdi Sai:                     When people or animals come to you for anything, we must not drive them away but treat

    them with respect and love.  Love is God.  God will be pleased if you give water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothes to the needy, and your spare room to someone who needs shelter.


    Laxmi Bhai:                   Baba you are getting old and weak.  We are afraid you are going to leave us.


    (Shirdi Sai speaking and coughing at the same time)


    Shirdi Sai:                     Our souls alone are permanent and never die whereas only these bodies which house our

    souls die.

    I will return to my devotees after leaving this body.  Eight years from now, I will reincarnate in the village of Puttaparti.


    Shyama:                        Swami what is your important message to us all?


    Shirdi Sai:                     You must show love to all fellow beings, be they Hindu, Muslim or any other religion,

    caste or creed and share your excess with those in need.


    (Shirdi Sai continues to cough)


    Laxmi Bhai:                   Swami, you need to rest now.


    Shirdi Sai:                     I will have permanent rest very soon.  Laxmi Bhai, here take these 9 stones.  They

    represent the 9 codes of conduct to be followed by all human beings.

    I want all of you to follow my teaching and I will install myself in the hearts of all who sincerely love and yearn for me.


    (the bhajan Sai Baba bolo plays and then Baba passes away and devotees all cry at his feet)


    – 3 –


    Narrator:                        We are very lucky that the Avatar has come amongst us to lead us by our hand back HOME.  Let us now see how our dear Swami takes part in our daily lives.

    This is based on a true incident that occurred in India.


    SCENE 4

    (Mother busy in kitchen preparing food)


    Son:                              Mummy I am very bored.  Can you play with me?


    Mother:                         No son, I am very busy now.  I have to cook dinner.


    (Father reading newspaper)


    Son:                              Daddy can you play with me?


    Father:                           Not now son.  I need to finish this very important article.  Go and find something to do by yourself.


    (Child goes back to mother)

    Son:                              Mummy….Mummy…I’m hungry can I have a laddu?


    Mummy:                       I don’t have any laddus beta.   I tell you what.  Go to our puja room and go and ask Swami to play with you and give you laddus.


    (Son skips along) (Everyone exits stage)


    SCENE 5

    (Puja room – set up altar etc – big picture of Swami) (Boy sits down to pray)


    Son:                              Baba I am so bored.  Everyone is too busy to play with me.  Can you play with me?


    (there is divine music and fog and Swami appears)


    Baba:                            I am here for you my son.  What would you like to play?


    (child rubs his eyes)


    Son:                              Are you really here?


    Baba:                            Yes my child.


    (Son bows down at Swami’s feet)


    Son:                              Ok let’s play chutes and ladders


    (Baba sits down on floor with child and they play)


    Son:                              I am very hungry – can you give me a laddu?


    Baba:                            Sure  (Baba waves his hand and materializes a laddu).  Okay I have to go now but if you ever need me just call out to me.


    Son:                              Swami you’re the best!

    (Son bows down at Swami’s feet – divine music and fog and Swami exits)


    (Mother walks in)


    Mother:                         You’ve been here for over 2 hours.  I came to check on you to see what you’ve been doing.


    (Son just smiles)


    – 4 –


    Mother:                         What are you smiling about?  And what are you eating?


    Son:                              Mummy, I am eating the best laddu I have ever eaten in my life and you know who gave it to me?


    Mother:                         Who?


    Son:                              Baba came out of this picture and gave me this laddu and played chutes and ladders with me.


    (Mother pats son on the head.  They both smile and then bow down at Baba’s picture).


    Narrator:                        Yes our Swami is all knowing, all powerful and ever present in our lives.  A mere photograph of Him is not just a photograph in our homes but Swami is really here with us at all times listening to our every prayer.  All we have to do is have full faith in Him.


    SCENE 6


    Narrator:                        Now let us transport you all into the future.  The year is 2047.  Our beloved Swami has now incarnated in the form of Prema Sai aged 25, living in the State of Karnataka.  It is now the Golden Age.  Everyone is living and practicing the five human values of truth, right action, peace, love and non-violence.  Let us watch a day in the life of Prema Sai.


    (Prema Sai sitting around with His devotees)


    Prema Sai:                     You are God.  You are God too and you and you.  I am God.  We are all God.  So how

    can we practice this?


    Durga:                           By practicing the five human values, truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence.


    Prema Sai:                     Very good Durga.


    Sarina:                           Swamiji, I’ve been wanting to do japa meditation for days now.  I don’t know where the japa mala you materialized for me has gone.  I’m sure I left it in my prayer room but it’s gone.


    (Prema Sai expectantly looks at the daughter)


    Shivani:                         Mommy, I have to tell you something.  The other day I was doing my prayers and I

    (Daughter of Sarina)         noticed your japa mala lying by the Ganesha statue.


    Sarina:                           Do you know where it is then?


    Shivani:                         Mommy, I was kind of playing with it and I accidentally broke it (almost in tears).

    Please forgive me.


    Sarina:                           Oh dear, you broke it?  I’m glad you told me the truth instead of trying to hide it.


    (Prema Sai looks up and smiles and blesses the child and he materializes a new japa mala for the mother).


    (Sejal sees a poor person come into the ashram)


    Sejal:                            Swamiji may I be excused for just a second, someone needs me.


    Prema Sai:                     Of course my child, go forth.


    (Sejal gives some food and drink to the poor person).




    – 5 –


    Prema Sai:                     Sister Sejal displays right action.  Look how her thoughts, words and deeds are in unity.  She saw the poor person and thought right away that he was in need.  She said she was going to help the poor person and made sure she fulfilled her word by feeding him.


    Prema Sai:                     Let us now bring peace to our minds and sit straight for Jyoti meditation.  Look at the flame in front of you.  Close your eyes….Om….


    (Devotees all sit straight and close their eyes)


    Prema Sai:                     You all need to go have lunch now.  I will see you back here at 2:30 pm.


    Aarti (old woman):          Oh my back…..


    Durga:                           May I help you?


    Aarti:                            Oh thank you young girl.  That’s very kind of you.


    Durga:                           Sai Ram.


    (Aarti trying to pick up heavy bags)


    Durga:                           Let me help you carry those bags.


    Aarti:                            May Baba always bless you and keep you as loving as you are forever.


    Durga:                           Sai Ram – it isn’t me at all, this is all Swami’s doing.  I am only Swami’s instrument.


    SCENE 7


    In the canteen


    (Devotees serving food (Durga, Sarina, Sejal and Prema Sai’s wife) and other devotees lining up)


    Kirti:                             Sai Ram, may I have a little more rice?


    Samir:                           Of course you may.  Sai Ram.


    (Anusha’s son is crying and she’s way back in line)


    Binita (standing in:          What’s wrong with your little boy?

    Front of line)


    Anusha:                         Oh he’s just very hungry and isn’t feeling very well today.


    Binita:                           Why don’t you go ahead and take some food for him first.


    Anusha:                         Sai Ram.  Are you sure?


    Binita:                           Yes of course, little children are embodiments of the divine.  Making them happy is making our Swami happy.


    Anusha (smiles):             Sai Ram sister, I am very grateful for your kindness.


    Amish (Seeker):              Excuse me, but is there anything else to eat here?


    Samir:                           Anything else?  What would you like to eat sir?


    Seeker:                          I don’t really like anything here.  Would it be possible to get some chicken or fish?


    Anusha:                         Sai Ram, I’m sorry sir but we do not serve any meat here.  This must be your first visit to Prema Sai’s ashram?


    – 6 –


    Amish (Seeker):              Yes actually it is.  But why do you not serve meat?


    (Prema Sai enters)


    Prema Sai:                     In spiritual conduct there can be no stability and no concentration when meat is eaten.  As the food, so is the mind.  Eating meat affects our thoughts and causes violence.  It is a sin to kill animals.


    Amish (Seeker):              But I am only buying the meat at the store and not actually killing it so how can I be committing the violent act?


    Prema Sai:                     It is only because you are eating the meat that the animals are being killed.  If everyone stopped eating meat, then no one would butcher animals to sell in the market.  Thus, sin is committed by the one who eats as well as the one who kills.


    Animals struggle, cry and feel the pain when they are hurt, just like the way we would if we were captured and threatened to be killed.  The only difference is that animals cannot tell us in words the pain they feel.  But you only need to listen to their cries to know….


    Amish (Seeker):              Oh Swami, I never thought of it that way!  I now understand the importance of non-violence and not eating meat.  Forgive me for being so ignorant. I shall give up meat eating, this instant!


    (Seeker bows down to Swami in reverence and Prema Sai blesses him and produces vibuthi for him)


    Everyone cheers:              Om Sai Ram and clap their hands.


    Props and children needed for each scene 

    Scene 1:


    Lights:             Coloured spot lights

    Backdrop:        Hindu Temple & Hut

    Props:              Temple bell



    Scene 2:


    Lights:             Coloured spot lights

    Backdrop:        Muslim Mosque & Hut

    Props:              Mat for prayer

    Bookstand with Quran on it



    Scene 3:


    Lights:             Coloured spot lights

    Backdrop:        Hut

    Props:              Chair set in a corner covered with a cloth

    Pots with paper puris in them

    A tray set in front of Shirdi

    9 coins with Shirdi

    stuffed dog (if we can find it)


    Scene 4:


    Lights:             Coloured spotlights

    Props:              Chair

    Bowl and spoon


    Mother wearing her gown


    Scene 5:


    Lights:             Coloured spotlights

    Props:              Fog machine

    Photo frame

    Snakes and ladders game

    Small toy ladoo



    Scene 6:


    Backdrop:        Futuristic building with words Prema Nilayam on it

    Props:              Japa mala in Tejas’ hand

    Box with food with Sejal

    2 full plastic bags with Aarti



    Scene 7:          


    Backdrop:        Futuristic building remains

    Props:              Serving dishes and spoons


    Baby doll


    And at the end the rest of the children starting with the two Shirdi Sai’s and Sathya Sai.


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