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    Krishna & Sudhama

    SCENE 1

    Narrator:         Krishna and Sudhama were students at the Ashram of Rishi Sandeepany.

    Sandeepany:     You see we are all God.  Tat twam asi.  We are not this body.

    Now let us recite the Gayatri Mantra.  Repeat after me Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha

    Krishna and      Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha


    Sandeepany:     Tat Savitur Varenium

    Krishna and      Tat Savitur Varenium


    Sandeepany:     We shall continue again tomorrow morning at 5.


    (Krishna and Sudhama bow down to the Guruji and are just about to leave when

    Sandeepany’s wife walks in)


    Guru’s wife:      Krishna, please can you go to the woods and gather some sticks for the fire.


    Krishna:           I’d be glad to mother!

    (Krishna jumps up and goes to the woods)


    Narrator:         A few hours passed and there was no sign of Krishna’s return.  It was getting dark and Sandeepany’s wife was getting worried.


    Guru’s wife:      Sudhama, I’m really worried about Krishna.  He’s all alone in the woods and it’s getting dark.  Please can you go and find him and bring him back.


    Sudhama:         Yes mother I will go right away.


    Guru’s wife:      Oh before you go, here tie these rice crispies in your robe and give them to Krishna, he must be so hungry. (Sudhama leaves for the woods)


    – 2 –

    SCENE 2


    (in the woods)


    Sudhama:         Krishna!  Krishna!  Where are you Krishna?!


    (Krishna jumps out from behind Sudhama)


    Krishna:           I’m here Sudhama!


    (Sudhama acts scared)


    Sudhama:         Oh u scared me!  Mother sent me to come and get you.  It’s getting late, come on let’s go home.


    Krishna:           Oh no! It’s starting to rain.  Let’s wait until the rain stops.  Come let us rest under this tree for a while.


    Sudhama:         Okay.


    (Krishna and Sudhama sit under the tree.  Krishna puts his head on Sudhama’s lap)


    Krishna:           (yawns) I’m so tired.  (Krishna falls asleep)


    Sudhama:         I’m not sleepy but I’m so hungry.  Hmmm what can I eat?


    (Devil appears)


    Devil:               Hello Sudhama how are you today?


    Sudhama:         Who are you?


    Devil:               I’m the Devil and I am here to help you.  You said you are hungry right?  Why don’t you eat the rice crispies that the Guruji’s wife gave you for Krishna.


    Sudhama:         Hmm…that’s a good idea.


    Angel:               Sudhama! No!  Mother sent those rice crispies for Krishna! You can’t eat them!


    Sudhama:         But I’m hungry.


    Devil:               Oh Krishna will never know and you don’t have to tell mother either!


    Angel:               But Sudhama that’s wrong!  That would be lying and cheating.  Guruji always teaches you not to lie.


    Devil:               If you listen to that angel you’ll be hungry….


    – 3 –


    Angel:               If you listen to that devil you’ll be sorry….


    Sudhama:         I think I’ll just eat the rice crispies.  If nobody knows, it won’t matter.


    (Sudhama eats the rice crispies).


    (Krishna wakes up)


    Krishna:           Sudhama I’m so hungry.   Were you eating something?


    Sudhama:         Ah….no……I wasn’t eating anything (looking very guilty)


    Krishna:           That’s funny I could have sworn I thought I heard you munching on something.  Maybe it was only a dream.


    Sudhama:         I’ve been shivering in the cold waiting for you to wake up.  I wasn’t eating anything.  Besides what food can I get in the woods?


    Krishna:           The rain has stopped.  Let’s go home now.


    SCENE 3


    (Sudhama goes to his Guruji)


    Sudhama:         Guruji, may I talk to you about something.


    Sandeepany:     Yes of course my child.


    Sudhama:         I have done something very wrong.


    Sandeepany:     What have you done my child?


    Sudhama:         Mother gave me rice crispies for Krishna to eat in the woods and I ate them all without sharing.  And I also lied to Krishna and mother.


    Sandeepany:     I have always taught you that lying is a big sin.


    Sudhama:         I know.


    Sandeepany:     You poor boy you have ruined your fate!  I want you to go to your room and pray to God and ask for His forgiveness.  You must promise me and yourself that you will never lie again.


    Sudhama:         I promise and I’m very sorry Guruji.


    (Sudhama bows down to his Guru and Sandeepany pats him on his head).




    – 4 –

    Narrator:         Several years later,  Krishna and Sudhama finished their training with Sandeepany and returned to their own home towns to pursue their lives.

    Both Krishna and Sudhama got married.  Krishna became King of Dwarka whereas Sudhama’s fate was quite the contrary.  He had four children and not enough money to feed his family adequately.


    Sudhama’s        Sudhama, the children are starving and haven’t eaten for two days.



    Children:          Mummy mummy we’re hungry.  Mummy we’re thirsty.


    Sudhama:         Maybe you can get a little milk from our neighbours.


    Sudhama’s        The neighbours are tired of giving us food.  Why don’t you go to Krishna.

    Wife:               He was your childhood friend.  I’m sure he can help us.


    Sudhama:         But I’m so poor and Krishna is the King.  I’m ashamed to even go near him.


    Sudhama’s        Do you want your children to die of hunger?



    Sudhama:         Okay I will go but what can I take for him?


    Sudhama’s        I will beg the neighbours for a few rice crispies since I know Krishna loved

    Wife:               rice crispies.


    Narrator:         Sudhama’s wife went to the neighbour’s house and begged them to give her a few rice crispies.  The neighbours did give her some but told her never to come back begging for food again.  Sudhama’s wife hung her head low and took the rice crispies and promised them that she would return them some day.


    (Sudhama’s wife gives the rice crispies to Sudhama – Sudhama ties the rice crispies in his

    robe). (Sudhama waves to his wife and children).


    SCENE 4


    At Krishna’s palace gates.


    Narrator:         Sudhama arrived at Krishna’s palace and was feeling very small but started to walk through the Palace gates.


    Guard:              Hey where do you think you’re going?


    Sudhama:         I have come to see King Krishna.


    Guard:              You, a beggar…hahahaha  has come to see King Krishna?  No beggars are allowed in the palace.


    Sudhama:         I am not a beggar.  I am Sudhama, his childhood friend.


    – 5 –

    Guard:              You are lying!  Please leave before I have to throw you out.


    Sudhama:         No please let me in.


    (Krishna comes out of his palace hearing all the commotion)


    Krishna:           Guard! What is happening out here?


    Guard:              Lord, this beggar is trying to get through the palace gates.


    Krishna:           This beggar…..oh no!   This is not a beggar!  Sudhama! (Krishna extends his arms out to Sudhama).  Sudhama my friend!  I haven’t seen you in ages!


    (Krishna and Sudhama embrace each other)


    Sudhama:         Krishna! It is so nice to see you again.


    Krishna:           Come into the Palace with me.


    (Krishna washes Sudhama’s feet).


    Krishna:           So Sudhama how is your dear wife doing?  What delicious treat has she sent for me?


    Narrator:         Sudhama is very ashamed to give Krishna, a King who has everything the measly rice crispies.


    (Sudhama is hiding the rice crispies).


    Krishna:           What are you hiding there.  Let me see.  You hid them from me before do you remember in the woods?


    Sudhama:         Krishna please forgive me.  I don’t want to lie to you again.

    (Sudhama opens up his robe and gives the rice crispies to Krishna.)


    Sudhama:         I’m sorry but this is all I could bring you.


    Krishna:           Oh my favourite….


    Narrator:         Krishna starts to eat the rice crispies and with his first bite, Sudhama’s little hut in the village turned into a beautiful big house.  With his second bite, his wife and children got a whole new wardrobe of clothes and shoes.

    With his final bite, Sudhama’s home was filled with all kinds of good food to eat.


    Sudhama:         It’s been three days.  I must leave now, my family is waiting for me.  It was so good to see you again.



    – 6 –

    Krishna:           Oh Sudhama, I don’t want you to go but I know that you must go back to your family.  You must come again.


    Narrator:         Sudhama did not find the courage to ask Krishna for help with his impoverished family.  Little did he know what was waiting for him at home.


    Sudhama:         I don’t know what I’m going to tell my wife when I get home.  She’s going to be so upset with me.


    Narrator:         When Sudhama gets home he sees a big mansion in place of his hut.  He knocks at the door and out comes his wife and children dressed in their finery.


    Sudhama’s        Oh Sudhama your friend Krishna is the greatest!  We have been blessed.



    Sudhama:         Jai Shri Krishna!


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