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    Play for Pre-SSE & Group 1

    In the very beginning, before time began, there was nothing.  No people, no animals, no insects, no plants, no sky, no moon, no planets, no sun, no world, no universe.  There was only sound – the sound Om.  The sound of God. This sound came from the Great Ocean of Love & Light, God.  In this Great Ocean of the Lord lived millions of little droplets of love and light called Souls.  Each soul was a tiny part of the Great Ocean of the Lord.


    One day the Lord had a plan.  He wanted to give his soul droplets a beautiful gift.  So he decided to create the world and the Universe as we know it now.  He created the five elements of ether, earth, fire, water and air, the building blocks of creation.  Out of these elements He formed skies, planets, stars, the sun, the moon.  He made oceans, mountains, rivers,


    When the Lord showed the creation to the soul droplets, almost all of the souls were dazzled by it and wanted to go and live there forever.  So the Lord let them go.  However, there were a few soul droplets who started to cry.


    God: “My dear soul droplets, why are you crying?”


    Soul droplet: “we don’t want to go to this new creation Maya.”  We don’t want to leave You!  We want to stay with You forever.


    God:  “I promise you that you will come back to me but I want you to enjoy My Creation too.  I will put a special symbol on each of you and I will come to the creation myself and take the form of an Avatar and bring you back with me.”


    Just like the Lord has promised the marked souls that He would come in the human form of an Avatar to lead them back home, He has kept His word and has been coming for ages. He has come as Rama [Song “Rama Rama Ram– See page 16], He has come as Krishna [Song “Hare Krishna Hare Rama– See page 16”], He has come as Buddha [Chant “Buddham Charanam Gatchami” – See page 16], He has come as Jesus [Song “And they’ll know we are Christians” – See page 16],  He has come as Mohammad [Islamic chant].


    And so the Lord continues to come to the world in the form of teachers, masters, sages, saints and seers to guide and to take his little soul droplets back with Him and show us the way to liberation.

    Because that divine spark exists in each and every one of us, We are ALL One.  There is only one race, the race of mankind, one caste, the caste of humanity, one religion, the religion of love, and only one language, the language of the heart. [Song:  “Oh let’s all come together– See page 15”





    Soul droplets several:

    1 soul droplet who didn’t want to go:





    Children praying on mats:

    Children dressed in different costumes – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists….

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