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1.  SSE Journal

Sairam, With Bhagwan’s Blessings, Region 3 SSE E-Journal Started on 2017. The journal would be created, edited, compiled, and published entirely by the children from Group 3 and 4 in our regionPlease click on the following link for the Past News letters November 2020- 95th Birthday Edition (current) April 2019 Edition May 2018 Edition October 2017 Edition Next NewsLetter Submission Due date Nov 8,2020 As … Continue reading SSE Journal »

3.  weekly devotional program

Region 3 Easter devotional program for this Sunday evening will begin with Gayatri chanting for world peace at 5:45 PM. We will then have an opportunity to learn about the significance of Easter from three special guests-Nettie Spiwack, Roseann Levy and Dr. Allen Levy. See below for details to join the program. link to join https://bit.ly/r3Zoom

4.  Weekly Devotional Program

We invite you to join us for an inspirational devotional program on Sunday, September 12. Program includes a special guest speaker, Brother Manthripragada Srinivas, followed by devotional singing. Here is the link to join the meeting. Zoom: https://bit.ly/r3Zoom Date: Sunday, September 5, 2021 Time: 6 PM EST Manthripragada Srinivas – Bio Manthripragada Srinivas has been active in the American Sathya Sai Organization for over 40 … Continue reading Weekly Devotional Program »

6.  Retreat Template

Accommodation Update: If you are registering after May 10, 2019, please send an email to registration@sairegion3.org so we can advice you on the available accommodation options. Please Read – All Attendees Overview Venue Speaker Profiles Detailed Agenda Registration Accommodation Payment Details Workshops Service Project SSE Pre SSE Food Menu Important Links Loving Sairams to all. With Swami’s grace, we had a very blissful Regional Retreat … Continue reading Retreat Template »