Weekly Devotional Program

We invite you to join us for an inspirational devotional program on Sunday, September 5. Program includes a special guest speaker, Dr. Hari Conjeevaram, followed by devotional singing.

Here is the link to join the meeting.

Zoom: https://bit.ly/r3Zoom

Date: Sunday, September 5, 2021
Time: 6 PM EST

Dr.Hari Conjeevaram – Bio

Dr.Hari Conjeevaram, MD is professor of Medicine at the University of Michigan and fellowship director for the department of Gastroenterology. He is also an award-winning educator of medical fellows, residents and students. Dr. Conjeevaram has been actively involved for many years in worldwide medical service and humanitarian/disaster relief activities of the SSIO.  His travels have taken him to Haiti, Philippines, Indonesia, within the USA and many other places.