SSIO Public Outreach Library

Dear All,

Sai Ram!

A very successful Go Green Conference and Exhibition was recently held in Prasanthi Nilayam in July 2018, focused on the spiritual relationship between God, Nature and Man. As a follow-up, the Public Outreach Committee recommends similar events at national and/or centre level, wherever possible, to bring the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba to the general public and to raise their awareness about the environment and nature.

The conference contents had a very important message: To Practise Human Values.

We wish to remind you that on 21st September we will celebrate “Peace Day” and on 20th October “Serve the Planet Day”. Both are excellent occasions to plan Public Outreach initiatives, involving local authorities, religious leaders and the community.

Our Public Outreach Committee task is to assist/support you in all phases to ensure proper dissemination of the message of Sathya Sai Baba. This can happen only when we, the SSIO officers, are committed to it.

So, we ask your kind cooperation to share the contents of this communication and to help your respective National Council Presidents and Centre/Group Presidents to fully understand the SSIO mission and delve deeper into public outreach.

Therefore, please:

  1. Sensitise officers and members on the importance of proper dissemination of the Sai Message/Teachings, to promote POC vision/goals/ projects as essential part of the SSIO mission, and inform them about the material and resources available to support them (Feedback from last workshops held at the Go Green Conference was that most participants were not informed/aware of it).
  2. Ensure the constant flow of communication by indicating/updating the contact details of Zone and National Public Outreach Referents so that we can communicate and work together.
  3. Interact and supervise/assist in the study of local situations to develop local strategies to reach the public (action plan on how to implement activities in each country/centre).
  4. Make every member be aware that by personal example everyone is an ambassador of Sathya Sai’s teachings.

Finally we would like to share the attached review of the Public Outreach Library contents, which can be used by all SSIO officers/members to encourage, organise and carry out activities described above.

What is the Public Outreach Library (POL)?


An on-line library which contains documents, presentations, audios and videos for public outreach activities.


How can we access the POL?

Via a web browser opening and its folders and files. Contents are also listed in the index document at the the root folder of the library.


What can we find in the POL?

  • Guidelines  containing orientations and best practices for organising public outreach activities such as public meetings, walk for values, interfaith events, community engagement projects, serve the planet projects and comprehensive guides to record and share all of them (media guidelines)
  • Amazing resources for serve the planet and go-green projects such as presentations, articles and quotes, material for classes, videos, games, storybooks , posters, leflets, and more
  • Booklets for public distribution on Sathya Sai Baba, the Sathya Sai International Organisation and on key values (Happiness, Kindness, Love, Silence, Truth, Protect the Planet, and latest just issued Mother Earth) – some of them translated into 18 languages
  • 3 and 6 minutes videos to introduce the SSIO (for public use)
  • A highly motivating video to introduce the “Public Outreach mission”to SSIO members, and videos on each of the public outreach programmes
  • Logos of the SSIO and its global projects
  • Presentations showcased in public outreach webinars and reports containing the essential of public outreach programmes and summaries of the outstanding public outreach activities held during the last years all over the world

All Sathya Sai Centres/Groups are invited to take advantage of this source of material and resources for their activities. All are encouraged to send the corresponding translations in their languages, so that we can generate and upload versions in other languages.

Thank you for your active cooperation in this important task.

Lovingly in the Service of Sai,


Alida Parkes

Chair, Public Outreach Committee

Sathya Sai International Organisation


“In this cosmic university all are students. Hence everyone should render social service to the extent of one’s capacity and spread Swami’s ideals among all. There is nothing selfish in Swami’s message. Hence anyone can spread it selflessly”.