Regional YA Reps Selection

Dear Center Presidents and Group Leaders,

The Young Adults (YA’s) are starting their selection process for 2 regional positions.  Please pass this message on to YA’s at your center:

Sairam Dear YAs and YA reps,

We are now holding selections for 2 regional rep roles – the regional female YA rep and regional male YA advisor. Nominations will be accepted for a 2 week period so please go ahead and submit your responses as soon as your receive this! The last date for nominations is Monday August 28th.
Please Note:
1) We are now accepting nominations for “Male YA Advisor” and “Female YA Rep” only. Males can nominate a male YA advisor and females, a female YA rep.
2) All Young Adults (18-40 years) living in Region 3 are eligible to submit one nomination form. Each form allows up to 3 names. 
3) Please click on this link Region 3 Young Adult officer nomination form to submit your nomination:
4) Nomination process will be open for two weeks.
Loving Sairam,
On behalf of the regional YA team