Regional Study Circle Initiative – Introduction with Video

On the heels of Avatar Declaration Day, we are happy to offer to Lord Sai the attached Study Circle material on the theme ‘Loving God’. Let our understanding of the material and the life applications resulting from it be our united offering to Swami as a region.

A video presentation on the motivation of the initiative and methodology of having these study circles sessions can be seen below.

The study circle material is available on our regional web site:

The material is made by a regional team of devotees from various Sai centers and groups. This material is intentionally chosen to be simple both in structure and content. Besides, certain variety is built into it to make the study circle sessions interesting. We also welcome volunteers from your centers/groups?? to prepare additional material for future use.

If you have any questions, please contact the regional devotional coordinator at

Let us all make this a joint offering at the divine lotus feet Lord Sai.