Regional Online SSE

Sairam Dear Brothers and Sisters:

(This email is sent to Region 3 Education Coordinators, Center Presidents and Group Leads -Please share this email with center officers / members as you seem appropriate)

With Bhagavan’s blessings, we are humbled and delighted to announce plans to offer – Online SSE for select SSSIO Region 3 families/students. Region 3 SSE online program is inspired by the two quotes mentioned below.

“Let the message of this educational revolution, insisting on the resurgence of the divine in man, spread to every street and home. You have my blessings in ample measure. You can receive my guidance and help always in the fulfillment of this task” SS XVII, 31 Dec 1984
“Consider every student who is eager to learn as your own child.” SSS XIV, 18 Feb 1980

The Region 3 Online SSE program is also a humble response to the many requests/questions we have received from parents and teachers to have access to SSE program during these unprecedented times. We are grateful to Swami in showing us the path to make His very own SSE program available to students who are eager to learn via Online Sessions. As we continue to follow Swami’s guidance in building the framework for our Online SSE – we thought it is critical for us to share some foundational work with our Sai Community. Please review and provide us with any suggestions to make this an offering to our Guru. Please review the criteria below for online SSE program:

Program Objective: To provide an opportunity for SSSIO Region 3 children to be a part of the SSE experience, and wherever possible to be a part of their centers and regional activities. It is also our objective to assign children / family to a nearby Sai Center where feasible.

Tentative Start Date: October 3, 2021 (will announce if there is a delay)

Meeting venue:
Online Sessions by SSE Group

Who can attend this program?

1. Children residing in SSSIO Region 3
2. Children who do not have access to a local center with a SSE program.
3. Children who are part of a center/group that doesn’t have trained, available teachers for their respective groups

Note: This program is not for children who have a center in their area with an established SSE program for all group levels.

Admission Process: (Vetting of applications require local proximity center officers)

1. Case-by-case perusal.
2. Annual vetting of applications – after consulting with respective center officers wherever possible.

Registration and other program details are following. If you are interested in becoming part of SSSIO Region 3 Online SSE program as a student, teacher, technology advisor, or if you have any questions or suggestions, Kindly reach out to me.

Stay in touch with the Source Himself!

Loving Sairams,

Chitra Venkat
Region 3 SSE coordinator