Region wide hurricane relief service project

Hurricanes Florence and Michael have severely affected many areas in our region. Many of you have contacted us asking how we can help. With Sai’s guidance and blessings, devotees from nearby centers have been assessing and surveying the situations. Many devotees have been serving with various groups to render help as soon as conditions were safe.

Our goal is to assist where the need is the greatest as well as where we have resources and nearby centers that can coordinate the relief efforts. Two isolated towns in the Florida Panhandle, Blountstown and Port St. Joe, have been selected because they have been severely affected, with most of the residents losing not only their homes, but also their work with no means of income.

It has been determined that the best and most efficient way that we can serve together as a region is by sending in much needed supplies. Please read the attached letter from the National Disaster Relief Committee outlining the recommended process to send supplies. Please note that the target delivery date is Nov 5, 2018. Feel free to pass on the information to friends, neighbors or workmates who wish to participate in this service project.

Volunteers will also be needed from time to time to help with distribution of the supplies. Those interested in coming to the Florida panhandle to help during distribution days can contact Tallahassee Service Coordinator at

Loving Sairams,
Region 3 Officers

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Target delivery date: Nov 5, 2018. For any clarifications, please email