Online Library of Devotional Songs and Bhajans

Sai Ram Devotional Coordinators and Group Leaders,
Below is an announcement by our National Devotional Coordinator, regarding a national initiative to compile more English and Spanish devotional songs (along with our current database of Indian devotional songs).  Please discuss with your center officers and forward and announce this initiative to all members. We are very proud of our regional YA’s who have been instrumental in facilitating this national initiative.
Loving Sairams,

“Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish and the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes.”      – Baba
Dearest Devotional Coordinators, 
Loving Sairam and Happy Thursday!
With blessings of our Lord and loving support from Region 3 team, we now have a portal where anyone can submit lyrics and audio/video of devotional songs. As discussed on one of our calls, we would like to provide a library of English and Spanish songs including lyrics and audio/video link which can be used to learn and render songs by Center members around the country. 
Several songs are already available in the library. With everyone’s help and co-operation, we can add many more songs. The link to add a song is:
In order to avoid duplicate submissions, a Bhajan Search feature has been added to the page. This feature allows a song to be looked up by entering few words of the song title. If the song is present, but the audio/video link is missing, the audio/video link should be added to the form along with as many missing fields as possible. If the song is not present, then one can enter it into the Submit form webpage and fill out as many fields as possible. 
We are looking for devotees who can help out with this initiative. Interested volunteers can use the email address on the “Submit a Song” page with their contact information. 
Please share this email with all Devotion Coordinators in your respective region. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Prayers to our Bhagawan to unite us in this initiative.