New Website for Sai Region 3 – Please share with members

Sairam Dear Center/Group Presidents:
At the outset, let me wish you, your family and center/group members a very happy and holy Vijaya Dasami (Dasara).
On behalf of all the regional officers, I am delighted to announce the new website for our Sai region 3. Please see:
This is the result of a collaborative effort by several devotees in the region, lead by brother Sathya Shankar, our regional SSE coordinator. As he mentioned to us all during the recent regional retreat, this website will help communicate important announcements, connect all the Sai centers and groups in our region and help us collaborate in the service of Sai. Please take time to visit the website and help promote its use. If you have the facilities to do so, I encourage you all to please show this website at your center meetings and walk through its various features. We look forward to your feedback. 
Yours in Sai’s Service
Gnana Bhaskar