Launch of web site

In Feb 2017, the USA IT committee was formed and was assigned as it’s first task the creation of a new USA website. With Swami’s Divine Grace and the efforts of many of His instruments the new USA website is officially released as of today the 23rd of November 2017 on the auspicious occasion of our beloved Swami’s 92nd Birthday.

Here are some salient features of the website:

· The style and design is consistent with the guidelines of the SSIO IT committee and along the lines of

· All the pages and content are designed for broad consumption by the general public and focusses on Swami’s legacy, His message of Love and Service along with information abut the SSIO-USA and articles about various community activities undertaking in the USA.

· The members section is for those who wish to get more details about the Organization structure in the USA and has pages dedicated to the three wings and the Young Adults. In addition, there is a “Find a center near you” capability.

· The devotion section has a devotional songs and discourse search capability.

· The members home page has all a “Resources for Office Bearers” link that has all the eight discourses and the training material that was discussed as part of the Officers training program.

The website will continue to be updated by the USA website team and we welcome any and all feedback via the contact tab. We pray that Swami continues to guide the team in their efforts to deliver authentic information about the SSIO-USA organization and the various activities undertaken by members of the SSIO-USA.

Regional Presidents, please forward this email with attachments and to all centers and devotees.

Dr. Jack Feely
President – SSIO-USA National Council