It is All His Plan



Properly understanding God’s plan and the role we need to play


For the Lord, this drama of time in three acts – past, present, and future is clear as crystal. In the twinkle of an eye, He grasps all three, for He is omniscient, and it is His plan that is executed, and His drama that is being enacted on the stage of creation. But, actors and spectators are lost in confusion, unable to surmise its development and meaning! For, how can one scene or act reveal its meaning? The entire play must be witnessed for the story to reveal itself – isn’t it? When the mystery is cleared and the play is discovered as ‘mere play’, conviction dawns that you are in Him and He is in you. Therefore, seekers of wisdom, always be conscious of this: The Lord is in every heart, in the subtle and the gross forms. The Divine is in the ant and the elephant, in atom and the atmosphere!  – Jnana Vahini, Chap 29

Suggested Questions for Discussion:

1. If “The Lord is in every heart”, then why do many of us behave “un-Godlike”?

2. How can the atrocities being committed in the world be reconciled with all being “His plan”?

3. How should we react to injustices we encounter? If everything is God’s plan, should we passively sit by and let things unfold?

4. How does the Bhagawad Gita offer relevance for our day to day life with regards to participation in “His play”?


Life Application:

Next time you hear disheartening news, pause, reflect and use your discrimination to see how the events can be for the greater good and what is the appropriate response for you to take.



“Everything that has happened is for the good, everything that is happening is for the good, and everything that will happen is for the good.”