Introducing The New Sai Region 3 Portal

On behalf of all the devotees of Sai Region 3, we offer this website at the divine lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. We hope and pray that this website serves as a means to unite us all together in the service of Lord Sai.

The purpose of this website to communicate, connect and collaborate with all the devotees of in region and also make the information on the Sai activities going on in our region available to those who wish to know. We welcome you to actively contribute to the content of the website. We hope to make this website a repository for bhajans, study circle material and SSE lesson plans besides many others. We wish that devotees from all the centers and groups in our Sai region to visit this website on a regular basis to derive inspiration from the activities going on in other centers/groups. We request those who are able to help build the content on this website and also improve the functionality of the website to please volunteer. For e.g. you may send vintage videos and pictures of Swami you may have, or share a report of special events that happen in your center.

We are glad that this website is accessible across all the devices – mobile phones, tablets and computers. So, you are able to access the website even on the go. We invite all the interface designers, app developers and content creators in our region to contact us with ideas to improve the website.

Please take the time to explore, use and spread the news about our regional website with other devotees. We pray Swami’s grace and blessings to unite us all and serve Him through this website.

In loving Service of Sai,

Regional Officers Team.