Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Region 3 Devotees have been assigned food items for the US Virgin Islands relief. Please carefully read and follow the directions in the below file so that we can avoid duplication and optimize efficacy. Please make note of the October 8th deadline, otherwise the supplies may not be loaded in time onto transport ships.
Those that wish to travel to volunteer with relief missions can register at

Volunteers will be needed in the long-run for various efforts. Once the local Sai teams have identified the right broad initiatives for the SSIO (warranting a national volunteer call), we will start assigning teams accordingly.

Please DO NOT make separate arrangements. All individual and group volunteers who sign-up through the above link will be coordinated through the National and Regional Service teams.

The Central American Zone (Zone 2A) of the SSIO – the organizational parent of the island – is actively assessing the need across the disaster areas in Central America / Caribbean.

Once a call for international support is coordinated by the local SSIO teams, we will share all details.

The Sathya Sai Humanitarian Relief Website is posting regular updates about our missions:
You can also join us through our new Facebook page:
Both National/NDRT and International posts will be available in the above sites


We have received much interest by some members in enabling direct shipments of supplies. Although Online fulfillment (in coordination with your Regions) is the fastest, least expensive and overwhelmingly preferred method, insofar as logistics and speed are not impacted, we will temporarily accept this method of support, by those who may have no alternative options.

As per the communication sent to all Sai Centers on September 10, 2017, the Sathya Sai Society of America remains available for members expressing the desire to support relief efforts through tax-deductible contributions.

If you have any questions please reach out to your center service coordinator, Giridhar Jeedigunta, our regional service coordinator:, or the SSIO team at

Sai Ram Center Presidents and Group Leads,
Please send an update regarding your centers later this week as to how members have fared from the storm, including what help is needed, so I can convey to the SSIO disaster relief team.  Please forward following message to devotees:
Dear Region 3 Members:
Attached is a letter from Dr. Reddy regarding relief efforts of the SSIO.  Much of our region is bracing for severe conditions of Hurricane Irma, while St. Thomas has already been hit very hard.  Please stay safe, follow the advice of local authorities and continue to pray and foster your inner connection with Swami.  Please keep your center officers up to date on how you have fared with the storm and what help you require.

 “Anxiety is removed by faith in the Lord; the faith that tells you that whatever happens is for the best and that the Lord’s Will be done. Quiet acceptance is the best armour against anxiety.”  April 1957, Venkatagiri

” Be serene and calm in stress and storm – that is the Satwic or Pious path, to win the Lord, the Truth” Jan 8, 1983

In the Service of Sai,

Dr. Axay Kalathia
Region 3 President