Aradhana Program 2016 – Atlanta Sai Center Report

Aradhana Program Report

Sathya Sai Baba Center of Atlanta

Aradhana month was very special for Atlanta Sai Center, filled with additional Seva activities, chanting of mantras and preparation for Aradhana Program on April 24.

Seva Activities:

Umbrella and water bottle distribution to 450 needy citizens in downtown Atlanta and all locations we undertake regular service activities. These umbrellas are truly Umbrellas of Grace and Love, as they now protect the needy from becoming wet and giving them warm feeling that Someone is caring about them and that they are not alone. We also did month-long fruit bag distribution for senior citizens of Atlanta. This was done alongside our weekly regular food box delivery Seva.

SSE Program:

Based on “Loving Swami” as a theme of the year, during Aradhana day SSE children shared their views on how serving fellow students from less fortunate families by tutoring them in a spirit of love, gave them immersive happiness and made them realize closeness to Swami.

Devotional Program:

We had very special program on Aradhana day, filled with the Swami Stories by our own member, extended singing the Glory of God, YA and SSE presentations and musical offerings. The atmosphere was overflowing with love and devotion to our beloved Bhagawan.

YA Program:

The YAs presented a video and musical program on “Connecting to Swami within”. The sincere insights of these young people sharing how they connect to Swami in their hearts was a true inspiration to the entire Center and touching people’s hearts and making some cry.

Collective Sadhana Program

This unique program which our Center undertook for the entire year, had a special meaning during Aradhana month. The highlight of it was a separate 2.5 hour chanting session (laksharchana), which filled the environment with high vibrations and divine feellings. Our Center activities are dedicated to Practical Spirituality, to connecting to God within, to leading the lives, which are His message. Aradhana month has greatly emphasized these spiritual activities.

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