Announcement | USA National Young Adult Advisor

Dear Reps and Advisors,

Loving Sairam and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With Bhagawan’s blessings, we are delighted to announce that Suryalaxmi Pochincherla has been appointed as the new USA National Young Adult Female Advisor.

First, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Aparna Murali (outgoing YA Female Advisor) for her dedication and inspired service to Swami and the Young Adult program. Having served in various capacities, as the Region-8 YA Rep, USA National YA Rep, Zone-1 YA Coordinator, USA National YA Advisor, and core committee member and faculty for the SSILP for Young Adults, the Young Adult program has continued to grow and flourish under her leadership. Aparna has and will always be an inspiring soul for young adults, adults, and children, in the USA and the world over.

Be it through her witty anecdotes, practical approach to leading projects, or her own life experiences with Swami being the one guiding light, Aparna has gently but effectively kindled the Sai Young Adult spirit in everyone. A great listener, with a secret recipe to make a heart to heart connection with everyone she meets, Aparna’s guidance and encouraging words have been instrumental in the development of leadership skills for many young adults all over the USA.

Her astounding memory and ability to share inspiring stories about Swami, has helped all of us to connect deeply with Swami, recognize the practical application of His teachings, and our good fortune to be part of Swami’s Young Adult program. Her attention to detail, being able to see things from a broad perspective, her always present smile, and ability to add the fun factor to all events makes her an inspiring and amazing role model for all of us. She has been a pillar of strength and wisdom to the National Young Adult team, and we will dearly miss her presence. With the assurance that Aparna will always be associated with young adults through various avenues, please join us in expressing our sincere gratitude to Aparna for her loving leadership and pray that Swami blesses her always!

Please join us in welcoming Laxmi to the National Young Adult team. Laxmi’s earliest true association with Swami started in 1999 when she had the first opportunity to be in His physical presence. Since then, she has been involved in the Sathya Sai Organization and served as a Devotional Coordinator, Region-6 Media Coordinator, Region-6 Young Adult Advisor and has been part of USA national website team. Having attended the World Youth conference in 2007, and many YA retreats including the YA leadership retreat in St. Louis this year, she is really drawn to Swami’s message and strives to incorporate that in her daily life. She currently attends the Sathya Sai Baba Center of Seattle Eastside, and loves working with young adults since they bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the group.

Laxmi and her husband Ram have two lovely daughters, Sridevi and Vaishnavi and a four-legged boy Onyx, her dog. Laxmi is a Project Manager by profession working at Cambia Health Solutions.

Here is the USA National Young Adult team:

National YA RepNational YA RepNational YA AdvisorNational YA Advisor
Shanti Pancharatnam
Lakshman Mantha
Suryalaxmi Pochincherla
Dr. Joe Phaneuf

With Bhagawan’s blessings, may our Young Adult program continue to be strong and vibrant. And may each be inspired to live the message of Sai and be a messenger of His love and light!

Please forward this announcement to all Young Adults in your regions.

With Love and Gratitude,

Shanti, Lakshman and Dr. Joe